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Monday, January 24, 2022

'Worcester Werewolf': Cryptid Canine or Big Cat?

In March 2016, a Worcestershire couple Robert Ingram and wife Nicola, claimed to have seen a huge wolf-like creature while on a National Trust property at night in the Cotswolds.

In late March 2016, a couple claimed to have seen a huge wolf-like creature while on a National Trust property at 1 am in the Cotswolds in Worcestershire. They took a blurry picture of the animal, and drew a sketch, dubbing it the 'Werewolf of Worcester' because it had features of a werewolf.

Robert Ingram and wife Nicola sketched what they saw, though they believe that it was a big cat with unusual features which resemble that of a werewolf. From their drawing, it appears to be standing upright like a humanoid creature, rather than crouching like a cat. The beast supposedly had protruding, pointed teeth and sharp cheekbones.

The pair encountered what they are convinced of what they saw while driving through Croome Court, a National Trust property. The couple said the creature weighed about nine stone and was as tall as their car window. They felt that the creature was going to pounce on their car before they sped off.

Robert produced the sketch so animal experts can find out what the creature is. He stated, "It was petrifying. It looked like it was on steroids. We were driving along outside the national trust property, there are lots of open fields around there, when suddenly, I spotted something in the road ahead."

"It was getting dark, but I saw its eyes reflect in my headlights. We stopped the car, and it was just standing there. We'd heard rumours about an escaped panther in the area, but we'd thought it was a load of nonsense."

"But when I saw this animal with my own eyes, I was stunned. It was enormous, far too big for a fox or a dog. It must have weighed about 9 stone, about the same as a slim adult. It looked right at us and walked up to the car. It then lowered the front of its body and looked like it was going to pounce."

"We just slammed the car into reverse and went as far as we could. I was so scared I fumbled to get my phone out to take a picture, but we'd already driven quite far away. There was no way you were going to get me to go near it again to take a better picture. It was terrifying."

The couple think the creature has escaped from a zoo. There have been dozens of claims of escaped big cats in Worcestershire in the past.

A spokesman for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust stated, "It is always possible that there is a panther, or other big cat, in our countryside but there hasn't yet been any firm evidence to prove that they're there." 

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