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Sunday, January 30, 2022

White Humanoid 'Crawler' Mimics Witness Voice in Minneapolis Park

Two friends were fishing in a Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota park, when they encountered a large white humanoid crawler, that mimicked one of the friend's voice. 

I recently came across the following account:

"I'll never forget the night of August 14, 2021. I was fishing the river with my friend in a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We loved coming to this public park to fish because it was quiet and there was a nice sand bar to fish from. This park had a Sioux burial mound about a half-mile from our spot.

After fishing for a better part of the day, we decided to leave at dusk. In order to get back to our vehicles we had to take a trail through the woods, which was about a 5-minute walk. I put a clip-on light on the bill of my hat so we could see the trail. I remember when I first glanced ahead down the trail I saw two circular white lights that I assumed were fireflies.

Once we got further down the trail, we were closer to the area where I had seen the "fireflies". It was then that I saw a pair of eyes that were either highly reflective from my light or glowing white. It wasn't long before I could make out a body. It was a very large white body on four legs, bigger than a wolf but unnaturally skinny. I couldn't make out any facial features because its eyes were so bright. I wanted to warn my friend, but all I could manage to say was, "There's something there."

We had no choice but to proceed because this was the only way back to our vehicles. This thing just stared us down but didn't make a sound. My friend yelled at it to try and scare it away, but it didn't react at all. I yelled at it after she did and it responded back mimicking my voice. I honestly questioned myself and thought I was imagining things. So I yelled at it again and it responded back at the same volume, same pitch, exactly like my voice. At this point we realized this was not an animal.

We both continued on the path in silence, but I maintained eye contact with the creature. I felt like this thing was ready to attack us at any moment but it just stood there staring. Eventually, we were out of the woods and I could no longer see its eyes. We made it back to our vehicles and felt a sense of relief. I asked my friend, "Did you hear that talk back to me?" She said she did and it sounded like my voice when it responded back to us. If she hadn't heard the voice I would have assumed I imagined it. We went over what happened and our stories were the same except she said the creature had a wolf-like head.

After our experience, my friend, who is native Hmong, went to see a shaman. The shaman believed it was an evil spirit and performed a cleansing on her. She was still shaken up by the experience for several weeks.

I tried to hire a spiritual adviser online but when I described the experience and asked for a spiritual cleansing of my own it said they were, "not available at this time." At the advice of one of my friends, I burned some tobacco and said a prayer that the entity would leave me alone. It took me several months to just feel normal again, but I still think about it on a weekly basis.

I tried to do further research and contacted the management at the park. They said the park we went to had ancient native remains scattered along the river that were unmarked. They said there were more native remains in that park than any other parks they managed.

I contacted several Native American friends and was told the entity we encountered was a Skinwalker. I know Skinwalkers are part of the Navajo culture but from what I read it checks more of the boxes more than any other supernatural being or cryptid." OG

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