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Wednesday, January 05, 2022

The Grim Reaper & Black-Eyed Horror

3 bizarre accounts involving an encounter with the Grim Reaper, a haunting victim whose eyes turned black during an exorcism, and incidents of a black-eyed kid and adult.

The following accounts were recently forwarded to me:

2006 – San Antonio, Texas - Patrick Newcomb, an ex-military man who served in Iraq, was now working as an EMT. He had been called out with his partner to assist with an injured person who was in the parking lot of a recently abandoned hospital. The place had only been abandoned a few months earlier and the police kept an eye on the place, including having chains on the door.

When Patrick and his partner arrived, they found the doors to the facility wide open. They assumed the victim had crawled inside and so they ventured inside to find him. The building seemed empty. They made their way down to the basement, which was once an old civil war hospital morgue. In there, they found bodies in body bags laid out on various gurneys which they found to be bizarre since the building was abandoned and there shouldn't have been any bodies there at all.

“Suddenly there was somebody standing there in the door,” Patrick recalled. He described him as 8 feet tall, dark cloaked, with no face ('completely blank white'). Patrick could only describe it as 'The Grim Reaper.' He claims he felt a fear on a level beyond what he could explain. Him and his partner immediately rushed out of the building. They called dispatch to tell the police that there had been a break in at the hospital. They did not mention what they saw. Patrick and his partner vowed never to talk about it.

Later, Patrick heard that the police arrived and found the place quiet. The padlocks and chains were still on the doors and there was nobody around. For weeks, Patrick was very careful. He thought the Grim Reaper was coming for him. Soon after, he quit. He is now a supervisor in the construction industry. Source: Paranormal 911, Season 1, Episode 1 - 'Fear the Reaper' Air date: March 4, 2019


2016 – Sharon Springs, New York - Lori Davis, her husband, Josh, and their child, Anthony, purchased a farmhouse with lots of land for her animals and a creek. She spoke to the previous owner on the phone who warned her the house was haunted. Apparently they had seen little kids outside and heard noises/footsteps on stairs. Lori was skeptical.

While doing renovations, Lori claimed that she was pushed off a ladder. After she got up and left the room, the door slammed behind her. Lori told herself it was nothing.

One day, when her husband and kid were away, strange things happened. She could hear someone going up and down the stairs, followed by something being dragged across the floor. She heard a man's voice, and a grunt at the top of the stairs. Her son began seeing black shadows going out his bedroom door and into another room. He told her that they looked like people; a really tall man. They would be in the room and then disappear.

Around this time, Lori caught mononucleosis. Her husband became more and more irritable and angry. Lori found three deep scratch marks on the back of her neck. Right after, their animals started dying, including three dogs, a lamb and some horses.

Investigators were called in and immediately sensed a dark presence. One of the investigators even saw a dark shadow scurry up the stairs. While confronting the entity, she described hearing a loud crash. She said it felt like the house lifted up and dropped. The other investigator also heard it. They performed an exorcism on the house. During this, Lori's eyes went black. She growled and went crazy. They heard knocking sounds. A cross placed on her forehead left a red mark. Eventually the exorcism worked. Lori was free.

Within a day, Lori, Josh and Anthony were in the process of moving. The investigators claim, looking back, that it was one of the most frightening cases they ever worked on. Source: Paranormal Survivor, Season 5, Episode 7, “Territorial Ghosts”, Air date: May 31, 2019


“I’ve encountered both a black-eyed kid and a black-eyed adult. The first was a BEK. It was about 12 years ago (around 2009) in my senior year of high school. It was a cold winter night in the middle of February. I had gone to go grab some fast food and was on my way back home. My mom and I lived in a gated community at the time, so as I was turning in I spotted this fairly attractive girl. I swiped my key-card on the box to open the gate, and I turned around to get another glimpse of this girl. If I remember correctly, she was wearing a hoodie and jeans. She appeared a little excited as a turned around to take another glimpse of her. She was about 5 feet away from my truck and kept getting a little closer. By the time she got about a foot or two towards my face, I saw her jet black eyes and a feeling of terror, that’s absolutely indescribable, swept over my body. I immediately floored the gas pedal and got away from this girl.

Thankfully the gate had enough time to open for me to fly through it or I just maybe have ran over it. I still felt frightened by the feeling she gave me for a good 30 minutes. I even struggled to unlock the door to get in the house due to me trembling in fear. I sat down in the house and ate my food while trying to calm down that night.

The time I saw a BEA (black-eyed adult), I was at this hole in the wall Mexican restaurant with my mom. It was also night time and cold, if I can remember correctly. We had pretty much finished our meal and was just waiting on our server to bring the tab.

My mom actually noticed this lady before I did. I wasn’t really in a spot to catch a glimpse of her as she was behind me. My mom then became a little antsy moments later as this lady requested to switch tables. This lady was completely on her own. She decided to sit in a booth next to a table that was to the left of me (my mom’s right), The lady appeared to be in her mid to late 40’s, slightly overweight with kind of a bushy hairdo. She kind of had the style of a school teacher if you will. That’s the best way I can describe it. My mom told me to look to the left, and just as I did the lady turned to her left (glancing at me). She turned her head both ways as if she was judging to see if where she was now seated was okay.

This lady didn’t make me feel half as scared as the girl I discussed above did, but I still felt like I needed to get out of that place. My mom and I paid our tab and left quickly.” J

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