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Saturday, January 01, 2022

Tall, Pale Humanoid Observed by French Witness on New Years Eve

A French witness was leaving a New Years Eve party last evening. On the way home, they encountered a very tall, pale humanoid sitting on a bench along a forest path near a cemetery.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I would like to report about what I saw and heard tonight (December 31, 2021 - New Years Eve). First of all, I doubt myself that I really saw a crawler, but I can not explain otherwise. Earlier, around 11pm, near Rouen, France, I wanted to go home after a bit of partying. The problem is, I live in the ass of the world, really far away from other houses.

There are two ways to get to my house, one that takes about 50 minutes and one that only takes 20 minutes, but the shorter way goes through the forest. And the forest is right next to a cemetery, not exactly the nicest place to walk through at night. So, I decided to take the shorter way after the party.

The path is lit in a few places. One of these places is a very old park bench, very close to the beginning of the path. When I was a few steps in the forest, I saw that someone was sitting on the park bench, someone really tall. Because I had a very bad feeling, I did not go through that way and went back to the street. When I turned around, to take a last look at the person, my heart stopped for a moment.

This person I saw was, in my opinion, not a human being. It was very pale and the body was very disproportionate. Out of fear, I began to run faster and when I was finally out of the forest my head went crazy. But I still could not believe it. After I was about 100 meters away from the forest I heard a whistle. It was not a normal whistle, it sounded like someone or something wanted me to go to it.

That's the whole story. I know it might be a little bit boring, but that's the first experience in my life. I really hope I'm just scaring myself because I'm paranoid and it's not really a crawler. I guess I should have mentioned that this thing did not move at all. It was tall, even in a “sitting“ position. I could see no hair and it was quite pale. The whistle was deep and not that long. It sounded human-like but at the same time also very inhuman. The forest is like 3-5 minutes away from the cemetery." V

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