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Friday, January 28, 2022

Reptilian Aliens Abducted, Transported Welsh Experiencer to Another Dimension

Telepathic aliens are targeting Wales in a bid to harvest our superior genetic material – that’s according to “abduction victim” Hilary Porter. While Hilary’s stories may sound outlandish or unbelievable, she dismisses those who scoff for being closed minded.

In 2014, the 67-year-old woman from Wales claimed that she had been abducted by aliens from other worlds countless times in her life. She remembered that her first extraterrestrial encounter happened at the age of 5. “I’m a sane, together person,” she said. But her sanity did not help when the woman says that she had been abducted by reptile-looking aliens from the other worlds so many times that she could not even count.

She said: “I have been an alien abductee all my life.” Further, she added that she had not chosen this life and had never asked for any of this but still, it had to happen to her.

According to Hilary Porter, aliens had been targeting the people of Wales telepathically to harvest their genetic material for long. As a ufologist, she claimed that a road between two cities of Wales, Swansea and Cardiff is the hot spot for alien activities.

The multiple alien abductions traumatized her so much that she could not return to Wales for 40 years. She finally returned to her hometown in 2009 to visit her friend Llanelli through the same dangerous area. But within a day of her arrival, she was abducted while in bed.

Hilary was convinced that aliens are already among us, and the government is doing everything possible to keep it a secret. “They know what is going on but they are absolutely powerless to stop it,” said Hilary.

In May 2014, Hilary attended a national conference organized by the A.M.M.A.C.H., where she shared her abduction stories with other people who had similar experiences.
She recalled her first abduction when she was only 5 years old, playing in a field near her home. Suddenly, a reptilian alien came in front of her. She was pulled by arms into a disc-shaped UFO and dragged into a lift, then the door closed. “The next thing I knew I was in a room with consoles and colored lights and little figures moving around. I was stripped and thrown on to some sort of bed. They took a really horrible, sharp instrument and they were pressing it right the way up my body while I was screaming. I can’t remember anything after that.”

Hilary believed that it was not her first abduction because when she only 2, her mother noticed her frequent disappearances from their back garden and found her half a mile away. She has no memories of those disappearances.

Hilary says she has been abducted so many times she has lost count and is convinced that aliens are already among us and only a government cover-up continues to keep it a secret. “They know what is going on but they are absolutely powerless to stop it,” said Hilary.

Hilary, who has had two experiences of aliens in Wales, holds the belief that extra terrestrials are targeting the Celtic tribe.

The first occasion was in September 1970 as she drive home from a holiday in Ireland with her now ex-husband. She said as they headed towards the original Severn crossing, they suddenly found themselves on the outskirts of Cardiff outside a garage with no idea how they had got there.

“It was damned frightening. We just blacked out and had no idea how we got there,” she said. “I didn’t feel well at all. My husband thought we must have gone to sleep, but that didn’t explain how we got there.”

Also unexplained was how the petrol level in the car hadn’t gone down, she said.

“When we got home I got changed and found triangular suction marks on my stomach, blood suction marks. I thought ‘flipping hell, look at that.” The marks themselves quickly disappeared and it wasn’t until seven years later that Hilary had a dream of travelling in what appeared to be a hexagonal spaceship.

Within a short space of time she started suffering flashback memories which, she believes, began to reveal what had really happened in Wales.

Today after years of studying “experience phenomena”, she has come to the conclusion she was teleported by aliens from another dimension. “They transport you molecularly and can create portals in a wall or closed door,” she said.

“In the flashbacks I was on a beach and could see this alien being who was about 6ft tall and wearing green coveralls. I couldn’t see his face but he could communicate mind to mind and had a box around his neck for seismic testing and warned me that he was going to cause an earthquake.”

When he did, they were forced to run, she said, and she got into a small round vehicle which took her and the alien on to a small oval UFO. “I thought ‘flipping eck’,” she said.

She later created a drawing of the flight deck of the UFO which shows a consul and an alien moving a series of levers, which she describes as looking like those in an old fashioned railway signal box. “Clearly a cover memory,” she said.

She believes the relatively pleasant events she recalled had been created by the aliens to hide the real nature of the traumatic experience she actually underwent.

On the second occasion, she said she woke at a friend’s house to find she had an unexplained black eye.

Hilary revealed that her research has led her to the conclusion that aliens target certain human “tribes” who genetic make-up is of more interest. “The Celtic tribes from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and Brittany are definitely on the list,” she said. “They are trying to make alien human hybrids and it seems the genetic material of these races are more compatible.”

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