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Sunday, January 02, 2022

Video: Possible 'Pale Humanoid' Recorded in Leesburg, Virginia

A Leesburg, VA resident captured a curious video in his backyard, that seems to briefly feature a possible pale, translucent, and emaciated humanoid. The video is being investigated and examined.

I recently received the following narrative and video:

"Background: Ever since the pandemic, I have been taking care of community cats, possums, an occasional racoon or two here in downtown Leesburg, VA.  I put out stainless steel bowls with dry cat food each evening and have two trail cams set up to film who shows up.

Every morning I check the cameras for new cats or wild life. This past Thursday, December 30th, was when this occurred.

The house is surrounded by houses in the front and commercial property separated by a fence in the back and one side and that area has a fence running around it. In the 2 years of doing this, there has never been a person caught on camera.

The clip starts instantly from the beginning and that coupled by the fact that I have 3, 30-second motion sensor lights on the ground and one hanging from a tree, it makes no sense that what I am seeing could move that fast without more on film.

In the 2 and one half seconds you see what looks like clothing and an arm, but the arm is way too thin and no fingers or hand is seen. It threw me off as I have both cameras set for 16 seconds of video. Whatever this is seems to be swinging a very thin arm while running to the side of the camera.

You need to pause it or loop it because of such a short length. Really damn weird.

Possible Pale Humanoid - Leesburg, VA

The cameras are an Apeman 1080 and no name brand, the Apeman is the one that took it and takes much better pics.

Thanks for your time. And best in the New Year with your books and site." GD

NOTE: I have gathered screen captures from the video below. As I have mentioned previously, and in my upcoming book 'The Meme Humanoids: Modern Myths or Real Monsters,' Northern Virginia seems to be a hotbed for these pale humanoid sightings and encounters:

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Thanks. Lon Strickler

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