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Saturday, January 08, 2022

Pierce County, Washington Youth Camp Closed Because of Bigfoot Activity?

A summer camp in Pierce County, Washington seems to have been closed because of possible Bigfoot activity in the vicinity. Have you had a Bigfoot encounter or sighting?

I recently came across the following account:

"This was my father's experience and takes place in Washington . This was also near a lot of mountains. So that may add a slight bit more credibility. In the 1970s, probably 1973, he went to 6th grade camp at a place named Camp Timberlake (now Camp Arnold) . He was in middle school and this camp was new. It could have been the opening year. He says some things didn't seem fully built. So he went for a couple days, doing what you would normally do at a 6th grade camp.

During one of the nights he heard what sounded like loud walking and rustling in the uncleared forest behind his cabin. Nothing really notable happened but the counselor for his group said to stay quiet. Then something really weird happened. The entire camp was completely ended the next day, 1 day early. No one ever really explained why. But the next day when they were leaving his teacher pointed out a huge footprint on the side of a trail. I don't know if others saw it though, because it was just him, maybe one other student and the teacher walking back after everyone else.

On the BFRO website I even found a post from 2004 about that exact same camp in the same year range (1970 vs 1973, but the 2004 post gives a range) and they were also doing a summer camp and it was ended early. They talked about how someone said there were "hairy tall men" by the dock, and the next day that large clumps of grass were pulled out of the lake and that there were large footprints around.

Here's the BFRO post from 2004. They say they want to talk to someone who was there but leave no contact info. If you have any idea how I could contact them please share: http://www.bfro.net/gdb/show_report.asp?id=9868" D

Update: Today he told me the print was pretty far off the path in a grassy area. He also says the counselors said this was the first time the place was functioning as a camp. It didn't seem like just a fake story to scare kids.

So this happened in Washington 5 miles north of Eatonville & 2-3 from Johnsons Corner. It's south of Tacoma and east of Rt. 7 by a few miles.

The Salvation Army Camp Arnold

Address: 33712 Webster Rd E, Eatonville, WA 98328

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