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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

'Mouthless' Pale Humanoid Alarms Aiken, South Carolina Couple

An encounter with a upright pale humanoid changed the life of an Aiken, South Carolina woman. The humanoid had bright eyes and no mouth. She is having a tough time dealing with the incident.

I recently came across the following account:

"This incident happened in September 2020 in Aiken, South Carolina. I didn't grow up there, and we had only lived there for about 6 months, so I am not too familiar with the area. Some of these details are pretty boring, but I think it helps explain the setting and situation better, so I am going to give them regardless.

My fiancé (G) had reconnected with an old friend from high school (B), and we decided to rent his basement which was renovated into a separate apartment while we looked for a place of our own. The house is not in a neighborhood, it's rural in that area in my opinion. We had neighbors, but each house had several acres of land separating them.

B had 2 large adult dogs (around 55-65 lbs) and our dog was a little smaller than them at the time. The dogs would run around and play in the woods at the edge of the backyard.

Everything was good for the first few weeks. Then at night we starting feeling very unnerved if we had to go outside. I know it sounds so cliché, but it felt like something was standing in the woods staring at us. If we went somewhere after dark we would do a speed walk, almost run from where we parked out front all the way around the side of the house to the backyard, which is where our entrance was.

Then we started hearing "it." As I mentioned earlier the dogs ran and played in the woods so we were very aware of what it sounded like when a 60 pound creature was rambling around in the woods. This was much bigger, so much bigger. It wasn't just the 3 of us hyping each other up to be scared either. Anyone that came to hang out (there was a pool in the backyard, so we had a fair amount of visitors) would hear it and no one ever stayed outside after the sun set.

We thought it was a bear, to be honest, because whatever was making the noise was huge, much larger than a person. So a bear is the only thing that really fit in our minds.

A few months go by, and we find our own place and we were in the process of moving out when this occurred.

My fiancé was up at the car, arranging the boxes so that we could maximize the space we had available. I had just carried a box up to him, and was walking back around the side of the house. From the front to the back the yard was sloped downhill a little bit. As I was walking down to go around from the side to the back of the house I saw it.

Staring dead at me, straight into my eyes. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped beating for a few seconds, and I completely froze up. Some instinct inside of me made me begin walking again. I felt like I shouldn't run, but tried to act normal and get my ass inside. As soon as I got inside I shut and locked the door. But I immediately had to unlock it and open it back up because I couldn't lock my fiancé outside with this thing.

I immediately started seeing these gruesome, gory pictures in my head. Pictures of me and my fiancé, beheaded, completely mangled and broken laying on the floor of our apartment with everything that was left in the apartment smashed on the floor around us. Then right after that something like, "No, that's not what it will do. My fear of the unknown is making me unreasonable. If I just let it in it wont be like that." I kept having the weirdest urge to basically invite it in, which is absurd because the door was cracked open. Honestly, even if it had been shut and dead bolted, if that thing wanted in I am pretty sure it would have gotten in.

I was torn, I wanted to call out to my fiancé, but I didn't want to startle the thing by yelling. I didn't want my fiancé to come rushing down to the door and have that thing spring on him and attack him. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and yanked the door open. I was planning on running to the car, but my fiancé was right there. He had seen the thing too, and he had been watching it watch us. The second it turned and disappeared into the woods he rushed down to the door.

This thing was super tall, super skinny, and a sickly shade of whiteish grey. It had brightly lit up, glowing eyes. One very crazy detail is that I swear the eyes were a golden color and my fiancé swears they were red. I don't understand any of this, but especially that part. The worst part of its appearance however was that it didn't have a mouth! Besides its bright eyes, the rest of its face was just skin. Tightly stretched, but perfectly smoothed out skin on it's face. WTF?! I have never in my life felt such a shock, like just a feeling in my heart that something was SO WRONG as I did when I saw that thing looking into my eyes! How do you eat if you have no mouth? How do you stay alive if you can't eat?

Sometimes I worry that I honestly had the chance to meet and interact with a completely different species and I blew it by being judgmental and fearful. This thing wasn't like me, so I was deathly afraid of it. Did I have a reason to be afraid? If it had wanted to hurt us, I'm 100% positive it could have. My fiancé said he could feel the evil radiating off of it. That I need to quit beating myself up because it DID NOT have friendly intentions.

I know that this sounds so totally and utterly fake that it is absurd. I wouldn't believe this if someone else posted it. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever seen anything like this, and if they have, maybe they can tell me WTF this thing is.

For months after it happened I wouldn't talk about it. Anytime my fiancé brought it up I would shut the conversation down. I didn't want to even think about it because I was scared it would feel me thinking of it somehow and come back and find me again. We don't live near there anymore, and now I know that's an irrational fear anyways.

I've never told anyone about it and neither has my fiancé. I couldn't bear to spill my guts to someone I'm close to about this situation. It would destroy my relationship with the person and I don't want that to happen. I don't have many people that I am close to and I would prefer to keep them." A

NOTE: My upcoming book 'The Meme Humanoids: Modern Myths or Real Monsters' will be released in February 2022. Lon

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