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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Monstrous Humanoid Encountered in Northern Minnesota Woods

A pair of young men encounter a tall, dark humanoid that crawled up to their truck and had jumped into the bed. The being was a monstrous creature. Have you seen any unknown humanoids? 

I recently came across the following account:

"It was January 2017. I was living at home in northern Minnesota. My parents started being more strict on me as I was a recent high school graduate and when I would come home the door was usually locked. On nights like this I would sleep in my truck.

On this particular night it was about -17 F and I was a little worried about freezing up after shutting off the truck. So, I texted my friend J to see if he wanted to tag along. J and I took off driving around in the night until after 12 midnight when we decided to drive up to the base of a local mountain and park the truck for the night. I quickly nodded off, but awoke to J nudging my shoulder about 20 minutes later saying he felt like we weren't alone and felt watched. I was too tired at first and told him we would be alright, but he was persistent.

I relented, so I drove towards town and by now the time was close to 1 am. I found a turn off the highway after driving for about a mile and decided to park on a narrow trail that had been snowed in. I drove about half way down the snowed in trail before I decided the snow would be too deep. We then parked, shut off the truck and closed our eyes.

My eyes had been closed for about five minutes, but now, I had the feeling we were being watched. Not sure if J had been asleep, I decided to open my eyes to check, but what I saw instead was horrifying.

As I looked through the front windshield I could see a giant humanoid prowling in the bush line about 50 feet from the parked truck. It was coming closer and my eyes were stuck to it. It got closer and now I could see it through the passenger window. It felt like it knew I was looking its way, as it was creeping up to the truck. I could tell J was watching by now, as he was also frozen with fear. The thing disappeared from view, creeping towards the rear of the vehicle on the passenger side. We were both still in our seats and hadn't said a word. I even stopped breathing for a bit, I'm sure.

Suddenly, the rear suspension began to lower as this being climbed into the truck bed ever so slowly. I could see J watching it but I was so terrified I couldn't look. The humanoid was over 9 feet tall. I was driving a Chevy Silverado, so the thing sat down like it was climbing onto a bench seat. As it sat it began to hunch over and then lower its head into view through the back window. It had big, yellow bloodshot eyes and its skin was dark, almost black, with a small mouth and small nose.

It peered in, then J freaked out. It quickly jumped from the bed, leaving the truck shaking. For some reason, when it jumped off, my truck lights flashed 3 times, each flash brighter than the last. J was screaming, "Go, go, go!" I tried to start my truck, but it wouldn't turn over. I turned the key back and forth multiple times with no success. But it eventually started. I never did figure out why the ignition failed to turn over. I hauled ass about 100 yards down the trail until I realized I wouldn't be able to turn around in the snow.

I stopped and shifted into reverse. When I looked to back up I noticed my spotlight was in the back seat, so I told J I was going to look for whatever jumped out of my truck. He was quite reluctant, but I didn't care. I had to see it again. I parked the truck and began scanning the bush line towards where we saw it flee.

I caught a glimpse of it as I was scanning from left to right. At first I only saw its lower half and passed it then J said, "Did you see that?" I slowly returned the light back to the creature and examined it from bottom to top. It was so horrible? The claws hung at the lower leg area even with the creature erect. The fingers were about a foot long! It was skinny and looked malnourished and decrepit. I looked at the crotch and it had nothing there. It was just smooth. Its chest and abdomen looked elongated and very muscular, but skinny and long. I then brought the light to its face and that's when my heart dropped. It was looking at my eyes even with a spotlight to the face. It smiled from the small mouth, only to show a bigger mouth with sharp, crooked teeth. It then backed up while facing us and disappeared." A

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