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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Large 'Winged Cryptid' Damages Roof in South Central Pennsylvania

A south central Pennsylvania woman is out with her dog at night when she starts to hear loud flapping noises, and getting closer. Something huge brushes by her, landing on her roof.

I recently received the following account:

"I just found your website for the first time and saw the banner for stories about winged humanoids. I don't know about the humanoid part but I have a winged thing story that was terrifying to me.

It was circa 2006 in south central Pennsylvania (Dillsburg, York County). It was the middle of the night and I was getting ready to go to bed, but I needed to take the dog out first. I put a leash on him and went into the front yard. We were standing on the lawn in the light from the porch. Everything outside the circle of light was black.

Then I heard a noise from across the road. We live on a small farm in a rural area and there is a big cornfield across the road. As I listened, I swore it sounded like wings flapping, but it had to be several hundred yards away. The sound got louder, like it was headed towards me. Whatever it was sounded HUGE. I also had the impression it wasn’t feathered wings but more like bat wings? It was making this 'womp, womp, womp' noise. I looked down at my dog and he sat there looking in the same direction with his ears perked up and his head cocked. He clearly heard it too.

It got to where it sounded like it was flying across the road, maybe a hundred yards from me, getting louder and louder, headed directly towards me. I was staring so hard into the darkness, but I just could not see anything. I was mystified why something that huge with that loud of noise couldn’t be seen, at least a moving shadow or something.

Now it was approaching very quickly. I was basically frozen in place. It was now just outside the circle of light I was standing in, so I waited for whatever horrible thing would happen when it flew into the light. Then it was right there in front of me, sounded like the size of a small car, still 'womp, womping.' BUT I couldn’t see anything. I braced for impact. 

Something brushed my shoulder, and then it was behind me, flying up the front of our roof (Cape Cod house with sloping roof) and then it stopped. Total silence. And I knew it had landed on the peak of the roof. 

I finally broke free of my being frozen, and turned to run into the house, which is when I realized my dog, at the end of the leash, is now lying on his back writhing around. I quick picked him up, ran inside, and went through the house closing all the windows.

The next morning at breakfast I was telling my family what happened, and my 13-year-old daughter told me this:
"She had woken up in the middle of the night for some reason, and looked out her window. She said she saw me and the dog standing there, looking at something in the same direction. Then all of a sudden the dog fell down, rolled on his back and started squirming. She did not hear or see anything else. She went back to bed."
Fast forward a few months. We needed to have our roof replaced. At some point a worker came in the house and said the boss wanted to talk to me. I went outside and he was standing on the peak, exactly where I had imagined the winged thing had landed. I had goose bumps before he even spoke. He said, "I cannot figure out what these are. but you have holes up here. Look like huge punctures right through the roofing tiles." 

But I knew what they were. It had to be talon punctures from a car-sized, bat-winged, invisible creature. But I just said, "Oh really? That's odd."

So, not sure if this story fits with what you are looking for, but there it is. IMO, it was something demonic. I have had a handful of encounters in my life with demonic beings and they have the same feel about them (though this was the only winged one)." JH

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Butch Witkowski was an independent researcher since 1989 when, along with four other people, he witnessed a UFO of substantial size quietly hover above a mountain in Tucson, Arizona. That was the day that he began his investigations into the UFO phenomenon.

He soon became a member of MUFON and a field investigator. After moving back to Pennsylvania, he concentrated on UFO research and cases related to alien abduction, mutilations, and unexplained encounters.

Butch had been a member of the Caernarvon Township (PA) Police Department in the 1970s. He used his investigative abilities as a police officer for his fieldwork, later becoming the founder of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania (UFORCOP).

I met Butch for the first time in 2013 after expressing my continued interest in the Todd Sees death case. We combined our research and years of experience, making great strides to deeply examine the incident. I'm proud to say that Butch's determination for finding the truth led to several revelations about the case.
Not long after we started working together, he became interested in cryptids, especially the dogman / upright canine phenomenon in our native Pennsylvania. Since 2015, Butch's efforts culminated in exposing over 30 modern sightings and encounters throughout the state.

After the formation of Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research, Butch became one of the lead investigators of the team, always striving for the facts through unwavering research.

Butch was a regular guest on internet and radio talk shows, beginning with his 2010 appearance on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. He had a monthly stint at Spaced Out Radio, 'Strange Days with Butch Witkowski,' hosted by our mutual friend Dave Scott.

It's difficult to express my respect and fondness for Butch in this written tribute. We were close friends and colleagues. He was always there to take a telephone call and to talk. I'm going to truly miss his wit and jovial manner. One day, I will join you in the stars, my friend. Lon Strickler

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