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Monday, January 03, 2022

'Humanoid Wolf Tribe' in California & Red-Eyed Bipedal Canine on Long Island, NY

Two unusual cryptid canine encounter accounts. A tribe of 4 or more large humanoid wolves in California, and a red-eyed bipedal wolf-like creature seen in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

The following accounts were recently forwarded to me:

“It looked like a werewolf. Growing up in the northeast, I’ve seen pretty much every known animal that exists but on this day I encountered an animal that I have never seen before and that I hope I never see again.

I was deer hunting on a cold December evening back in 2005 in California. I had walked to my tree stand about 3:00 pm that day. My stand was about a fourth of a mile from the road which isn't too far. I climbed up and got settled in for a few hours to see if I could get my first buck of the year. I hadn't seen much action and it was getting to those last few minutes I like to call, “The Best Time.” I noticed the woods went silent, which I knew meant there usually was a large animal present. I just didn't know what kind of an animal or what nature.

So, off to my right side, probably 100 feet or so, I heard something heavy walking towards me. I was thinking it was probably a big buck. What I saw next gave me nightmares for months. The only way I can describe it was it looked like something off of a werewolf movie. I didn't know what to do. I was in shock, like I couldn't even move. This animal or whatever you want to call it, came to within 30 yards of me walking on two legs. Now I had a .308 magnum rifle with me, but honestly, I was afraid to move.

After it went by me and over the hill, I drew a sigh of relief, like, thank god, it's gone, or at least I hope it is. After it went by I thought to myself, 'What the hell was that?' Now at this time there was probably 15 to 20 minutes of light left and I didn't know whether to get down or wait.

About two minutes later I heard more branches, something coming from the same place the first one came from. Then I saw three more of these creatures following on same path. Now these three were walking on four legs but these things were huge. To me to them they looked gigantic. If I had to guess I’d say they were about one foot taller than a deer would be and guessing they would weigh about 200 to 250 pounds, that's how large they were. I just sat there so still, so quiet that I don't think I even breathed. I texted my buddy who was about 300 yards away what I had seen. I don't know if he believed me or not but I’ve never returned to that place again.” Eastern Cryptid Encounters on YouTube - January 28, 2021


“Me, my brother, and mom saw it during one of my brother's baseball games, which was on a field right next to the pine barrens (in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY). If we faced the field, the pine barrens were directly behind us. It was around 7:00pm and dark out, so it was somewhat covered by the trees, but I could make out a silhouette of a what looked like a human that was hunched over and trying to remain low profile, but with a wolfs head and fur. It was hunched in a way that you could tell it was bipedal, and was about 4 foot tall while hunched over. It had glowing red eyes, which was the only reason that I was able to notice it was there in the first place due to all the woods being in the way. It stood about 100 feet away and stayed there for about 15 minutes, just watching, occasionally moving to slightly to one side or the other, like it was scouting us out.

I told my mother, but she just told me and my brother that it was probably just a car’s brake lights and that our mind was overreacting, and we were both young back then, so we accepted it.

When I got older I brought it back up to my mom about what I saw and she said she saw it too and saw the wolf face and glowing eyes, but didn’t tell me because she didn’t want us to freak out. I should also mention that there were no roads that led to the wooded area where I saw the creature, so it was physically impossible for a car or anything to get through the hundreds of feet of dense pine barren forest. But again I was young, so I just took my mother’s word." SD

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