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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Hikers' Ordeal in Oregon Wilderness: Whistles, Screams, & SUVs

Two couples are hiking and camping near Falls City, Oregon. The witness recalls hearing whistling in the morning, then later human screams for 'Help!' More oddities arise later.

I recently received the following account:

"First off, I'm very nervous sharing this experience and would appreciate as much confidentiality and anonymity as possible. I'm not sure if I would classify it as "paranormal" but it was definitely abnormal to me and very creepy. I'm mostly curious if anyone else has had similar experiences in the area and feel almost compelled to share my story so someone else can put the pieces together and find out if or what nefarious happenings are going on out in the forests of Oregon.

It was the summer of 2020, and my brother and his girlfriend had convinced my boyfriend and I to go camping for a night. My brother was really proud of this new area of land he had found and was eager to put it to use. The campsite was about 15 miles up a steep logging road above the very rural town of Falls City, Oregon and then a good 30 minute hike deeper in off the road. I've been camping off the beaten path plenty in my life, but this really is out in the middle of nowhere. I don't think we saw a single car or other person the whole way out there. The day went well and our night was uneventful.

I awoke the next morning before dawn to whistling. There were two distinct whistles and they seemed to be going back and forth, signaling or communicating with each other. At first I thought it was just birds, but as I laid there listening I became less sure of that and started to wonder if there weren't people out there with us. It weirded me out, but once everyone else was awake and breakfast started, it moved to the back of my mind. It was just birds I assured myself. 

After breakfast, we were sitting around the fire when we started to hear yelling in the distance followed by what sounded like a pack of excited hunting dogs. As we listened, the yelling intensified as well as the barking. I start to be able to make out the yelling, the voice was a young man and I swear I heard him scream "Help Me!" Until that point me and my brother had been looking at each other, both tuned in and I tell him he should go check it out. He walked down to a clearing on the path we had hiked in on and hollered "Hello" a few times. All the noise immediately stopped and never started again. We packed up and left a few hours later.

On that steep logging road back, we passed at least 5 cars that were headed in the direction we were coming from, deep into the forest. The road is very narrow so you get a good look at who's on the road with you. The cars were all luxury model SUVs and very clean, not what you would expect out in that area at all. The people inside weren't unfriendly, but it did seem to me that they all had a slight look of surprise in their faces at seeing us out there. I also have to mention none of them were dressed for camping/hunting/shooting with most of the women wearing jewelry, dressed more for work or church.

The whole ordeal left me feeling very spooked. I've thought a lot about what could have been going on, maybe just illegal hunting I don't know. My brother has since been told recreation is not allowed in the area. I'm unsure of who he heard this from but none of us go out there anymore." LB

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