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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Hairy Bipedal Creature Observed in Kosovo Mountains Near Kamenica

The following hairy hominid sighting took place on February 15, 2005, in the Balkan foothills in Kosovo, between Kamenica and Gjillane. The area is a very hilly region.

The creature was described as being five and one-half feet in height, slender, bipedal, reddish colored hair, heavily matted around buttocks and front groin area. Hair longer on head than rest of body. Rest of hair 3-4 inches. It had a flat face, and dark-skinned. Hands were also dark-skinned. The sex could not be determined:

"I was stationed at the FOB (Forward Observation Base) in Kamenica, Kosovo as a civilian contractor. I was driving one morning from the FOB to Camp Monteith to do a distribution run and pick up laundry and such. Halfway to Camp Monteith you drive through a heavily wooded and hilly region, but not all that big and still somewhat populated. Hard for me to describe an exact location unless someone is actually familiar with the area. About 2 miles before you pass a restaurant called 'The Planet.'

I witnessed a hairy hominid walking down a fairly steep slope and then cross the road in front of the vehicle going from my right side to my left side. Nothing like what you hear from the American version of Bigfoot. Not sure what to call it, so I will stick with hominid. This hominid was only around 5' 6", only a guestimate as I was in a 4-wheel drive that sits kind of high. It was, slender with reddish colored hair but heavily matted in places. Hair about the head was longer than rest of body. Heavy matting around the buttocks and also some long hair and matting around the front side as well. Sex was hard to determine as sighting did not last too long and there was also the shock factor involved. Trying to be as detailed as I can, though. Only got a profile of face, but was fairly flat, and very dark. I saw the hands but did not get a real good look at the feet as it went in front of the vehicle and then across the road and down a slope into a valley. Hands were also very dark. I would say black as far as face and hands go. I was curious though after this happened.

I am afraid of ridicule from work mates and feared for my security clearance so kept quiet about it. But after finally talking to my wife about it I feel I can share it with like-minded people." K

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