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Monday, January 31, 2022

Goatman, Bigfoot, & Cryptid Shadow Encounter Accounts

Several encounters with Goatman, Bigfoot, and an unknown shadow from Minnesota, Maryland, Texas, West Virginia, and Oklahoma. Have you had an encounter or sighting?

The following accounts were recently forwarded to me:

"My grandparents, in particular my grandmother, told us kids about how one night they were driving home on a country road in southern Minnesota, in the 1930s. They came across a creature walking across the road with goat legs, goat head, but human torso and arms. It jumped off the road and into a cornfield. My grandfather went back to town, got some additional farmers, and they searched for the creature, but of course, they found nothing.

A couple of points. First, I have never heard a story like that before from anyone else. Second, my grandmother never told stories, and this is the one and only story like this, or anything scary, that ever happened to her. Third, I'm a science geek, and as a 10-year-old, I asked her all the time about that story, and she told it the same way every time. Yep, zero proof, and you can assume everything, but I believe my grandmother." S


I actually live off of Fletchertown Road in Maryland (Prince Georges, County) and I have seen the Goatman. This was around 2014. I was riding my bike down the Fletchertown Road one evening when the sun was setting on my way back from my friend's place. I stopped to take a drink from my water bottle. I looked across the street and saw, about 6-10 feet back off the road, this large creature staring at me with shining yellowish eyes, a goats head and legs with human arms and torso. It was in my best estimate, 7 or 8 feet tall. It moved closer to the road and I just about pissed myself out of terror.

I hopped back on my bike and got out of there as fast as I could. I have not seen the creature since but the memory still scares me to this day. This did happen to me even if people do not believe it." BK


"I was deer hunting in the Cherokee Wildlife Management Area in Oklahoma. I used the Zeb entrance. I walked east and south some. Not sure how far but I was sitting in my tree stand waiting for the sun to come up. I noticed a BIG black mass kind of doing the same thing. The deer started across a “small” clearing, about 50 yards wide. The deer stopped looked straight at the black mass a beat feet the other way. Before long this thing stood up and followed them. I thought it best not to make any noise or move at all.

Although, when this thing started across the clearing it looked right at me. Scared the daylights out of me. I never went back in those woods before light at all...ever. I ended up dating the girl that lived across the road. I told her the story and her dad agreed with me. Just something I’ll never forget. Thought I’d share it with you." SS


"I‘ve just finished packing up my deer blind in a remote area of Fayette County, WV. when coyotes began howling. Then someone’s dogs responded from across the Gauley River. Suddenly, from behind the mountain where I was a horribly loud mixed howling. Like the sound of Tarzan. It silenced every living creature for at least 10 minutes. As darkness was approaching, I began to reloading my pistol and rifle and hurried to my pickup truck 1/2 a mile down the trail. I got home, went on my computer to check out the internet and confirmed the sound." SP


"I saw a Bigfoot in 1975, in Texas in the Hill Country near the woods. I saw it face to face. I was in my trail house. I could feel something watching me in my living room window behind me. I turn around and it was looking at me face to face. It was white with pink eyes, very hairy, and very tall. I know it was taller then me. I could not sleep that night thinking it might be still there. At daylight, I got up and gathered all my stuff and moved out. I never went back." FA

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