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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Glitch: Alternate Reality + Deja Vu + The Mandela Effect

Two sisters are badly injured in an auto accident. Immediately afterwards, both begin to experience alternate reality, Deja vu, and the Mandela Effect. Fascinating account!

I recently came across the following account:

"In the summer of 2017, around 2 hours after my grandfather passed away, me and my sister were in a horrific car accident. It was a bit past midnight. We were on our way to my Grandpa's house. I was behind the wheel and driving moderately fast. I was supposed to make a U-turn, but the brakes failed and we hit the guard rail. The front of the car was demolished and both of us were badly injured.

I believe I lost consciousness for a few seconds and when I woke up again. I looked at her and saw blood all over her face and realized that she too had lost consciousness. She was slowly coming too, when I squeezed myself out of the window and went to the other side to get her out of the car. Her door was stuck just like mine, so I couldn't get her out. People started to gather around and called 911. The firefighters came and removed the door and finally brought her out of the car.

When the ambulance was taking us to the hospital, I was having the longest Deja vu of my life. I knew which hospital we were going (even though nobody told me). I knew how the interior of the hospital looked like (somewhere I've never been before). I even knew the name of the doctor who was supposed to stitch me up (someone that I've never met before). It's weird, because as soon as me and my sister were alone and could talk to each other, she told me about how she feels like she's been there before and was feeling Deja vu the whole time.

It might seem normal for people who suffered head trauma to experience these kinds of things and read too much into something that Isn't actually there, but it's a lot more weird than it seems like on first glance. I believe that both of us died on that timeline, but for some reason our consciousnesses switched on into parallel versions of ourselves in another universe. And the constant feeling of Deja vu was because of our consciousnesses settling into the bodies of our alternate selves with the original consciousnesses still present, which caused the feeling of experiencing everything TWICE.

Now, here's something truly bizarre. There was this song called "Zalem" by Mohsen Chavoshi, which our mom loved and listened to almost everyday. Even when my mom didn't play it, my older brother would. It was kind of a signature song in our home back in 2005-08. So, a few months after the crash, I was having a conversation with one of my coeds about music. She was without a doubt the #1 fan of Mohsen Chavoshi, to the point that we used to call her "Chavoshist." She was talking about her favorite Chavoshi song, and I just remembered all those years of listening to "Zalem." I said, "Yeah, he's a good singer. My mom loved "Zalem," she used to play it on repeat until someone became sick of hearing it." She frowned and asked me about the song that I just mentioned. She said that he doesn't have a song named "Zalem." I thought maybe I got the name wrong, so I sang the chorus. She shook her head and said its not Chavoshi's song. She named "Farokh" as the singer. I swore that the song I used to listen to was Chavoshi's. His voice is unmistakable, there's no way I'd be wrong about that. So she asked me to send her the song.

Obviously, I didn't have our old computer in which the song was stored on. And I couldn't find our old Chavoshi Mix CD. So I Googled it and no matter how much I looked, I couldn't find it online. I even searched by the lyrics and only found the song "Zalem" by Farokh. I thought, maybe it's the same song and I was wrong all along, so I downloaded and listened to it. But the song by Farokh can't be more different from what I remember. Sure, it has the same lyrics, but the melody and genre of it is completely different. So, I asked my mom about it, and guess what, she never heard of it, neither did my brother, who gave us the song in the first place. They have no recollection of that song, whether it's Chavoshi's or Farokh's. On the other hand, my sister remembers it. I sang her the chorus and she said it was Chavoshi's song. Somehow, she and I have memories about a song which doesn't even exist in this world.

I don't know why, or even how it's possible, but I sincerely believe that we moved through the dimensions when we were both unconscious after the crash. I've heard stories that happened to other people, which are similar to our experience. I don't want to get in too much on this one, but I think it has something to do with my grandpa's death. Maybe we were supposed to die that night, but his death caused an event which led to us moving on into another universe, where we didn't die." BSK

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