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Tuesday, January 04, 2022

'Crawler Humanoid' Stalking North Carolina Horse Farm

A North Carolina horse farm worker observes activity that seems to related to a crawler humanoid. This being is closely watching the farm and has chased cars leaving the farm.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I might have seen two crawlers on December 27, 2021. I work on a horse farm, and tonight while I was feeding my horse I noticed that they were all spooking at something on the other side of the farm. My boyfriend kept saying there was a person on the other side of the farm. I thought he was seeing a tree that looked like a person until he pointed at where it was and it looked like a unnecessarily tall person and it started to move. I still thought it was a tree until we got to that side and the donkeys, that were put over there because of coyotes, where acting scare. They aren’t normally scared and that’s when I heard something in the woods. We pointed the headlight over and my boyfriend grabbed his shotgun because we both thought it was a person. Then it sounded like it was running away, so I wasn’t as concerned anymore.

Then we saw one on the property next to the farm and it wasn’t a person. There is no way it was a person. But that’s not what scared the both of us the most. It was when I was closing the gate and locking up that whatever was out there started running at me. I ran to the car and when we got to the main road it stop chasing us. We looked back and it was roughly 8 feet tall and just standing in the middle of the road. I don’t know what I saw but I do know it wasn’t a person. I don’t know if what I saw was a crawler, but I would like to know if it was. Are they are going to cause issues out at the farm?

UPDATE: They are back tonight. Will shooting at them make them mad or kill them?

My boyfriend got the main gate this time to see if it would chase him or if it was just going to chase me. It chased him and the car down the road for a bit. I probably should mention that he was cussing at it and probably made it mad. I have looked at some of the other stories and pictures and I’m pretty sure that this is what we are dealing with. I’m going to try and figure out to link a video of the screaming we caught on camera tonight. We're in Rocky Point, North Carolina, about 30 minutes from Wilmington. There is an access to the Cape Fear River not far from the farm.

UPDATE: We had a horse go down and ended up calling the vet (the horse is now fine). If there are more then 3 people out at our farm then they aren’t as active, other then moving in the tree lines. Another thing to mention is we had another horse with strange wounds on her, but they are horses and it could just be she got herself stuck. It’s not scratch marks. It’s more of patches of skin missing, all superficial.

I’m really the only farmhand out there and, yes, when I have other help there at night they hear the movement in the trees. But logic comes in and most think it’s an animal because that’s what I first thought until we saw it the other night. I’m not the type of person to believe in stuff like this, neither is my boyfriend. The logic in me is trying to figure out what animal this is, but I don’t think it’s an animal and that’s what scares me.

I just know it was around 8 feet tall and skinny and moved quickly. I looked at the security cameras this morning and it was too dark outside for them to pick anything up." FG

NOTE: This is, at least, the third incident report that I have received at a horse farm. There may be a connection or fascination by these beings with horses. I have written a book with my thoughts on this phenomenon, along with encounter & sighting incidents. I will announce the release in the near future. Lon

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