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Friday, January 21, 2022

Black-Eyed Kids, Unexplained Events, & Other Strange Encounters

Several encounter comments involving BEKs, unexplained events, and other strange people encounter. Have you ever had a similar experience? If so, forward your account to me.

The following accounts have been forwarded to me:

“One time I was with a few of my friends. We were hanging out on a hill outside one of my friend's house, where a bunch of power lines were. On the other side of the highway where she lived was a forest area, with more power lines.

All of a sudden we see this little girl, wearing a white dress with a black hoodie, walk out of the woods and just stand there staring at us. We were freaked out. It terrified one of my friends so bad they even started crying. I was so scared I had to use my inhaler.

About ten minutes later, the girl starts walking towards us. Then our hearts stop. We see the girl start running at us, full speed, as if she wanted to hurt us. As soon as she got to the highway, she just disappears. The three of us run away, terrified.

When we got back to my friend's house, we all start crying and talking about what we just witnessed. I felt the air turn cold as one of my friends tells us about the girl's eyes. They were completely black. It was a terrible experience that I will never forget.” K


“When I was a kid, a went to a day camp. I lagged behind the rest of the group. I saw a girl and two boys. They were dressed in Victorian clothes. We were on a nature walk, and I was frozen with fear. The girl slowly took my hand. She sort of dragged me. I felt like I was hypnotized. They took me to a cave. I was anti-social, so my counsellor did not notice.

Once I was at the cave there were many other children dressed in the strange clothing. The girl told me her name was Rose. Finally able to move, I ran back to my group. I heard someone scream in a demonic voice “GET HER!” I ran to the counsellor and stayed close to her. To this day I wonder what would have happened if I stayed.” CM


“I had an ex-boyfriend who terrified me twice. Once, in a fight, he was acting very physically threatening and not himself at all, just crazy.  When I looked up, his eyes had turned completely black like in a movie. It scared the crap out of me. Another time it happened in bed, when we were taking a nap. He was asleep but suddenly sat up in the bed, and said I'm going to steal all your money, and bury you in my surfboard bag. His eyes were all black. Then he went back to sleep. He had no memory of either of these events and he laughed like it was funny, but it freaked me out so bad, and I'm still freaked out when I think about it from 10 years ago. I can still visualize the black eyes.

I Googled all over the internet and only saw black-eyed children. I can hardly believe what I saw but I still have the image and it freaked me out.  Maybe a spirit possessed him for just a second then left, I don't know.” A


“When I lived in Kansas I was headed home with some friends and had to use to the bathroom. We stopped at this church and when I went in these people where playing weird music. There was a person laying on a table. They had black eyes and kept saying 'ummm.' I asked if I could use the bathroom. They just pointed to the bathroom and I was so scared. I really had to go, so I hurried.

As I was leaving the church I said 'thank you' and they just kept saying 'ummm.' Like a humming sound. I didn't know of any black-eyed children until now. I have always thought that place was some kind of cult. Maybe I walked into their place of worship? It was scary and I have never been back to that church again.” W


“It was January 27th, 2014 and I was at the park with a friend. All of a sudden this kid in a blue hoodie, shades that an FBI agent would use, and a stuffed animal came walking up to me. 

The kid walks up to me saying, "Can I borrow your phone? I need help." I love helping kids, but this one was different. This one had a presence that was a bit dark. I felt sweaty and anxious and I asked, "Where's your mom?" And then the kid was silent for 10 seconds and said, "Please help. I need it." I just stood there and my voice was all shaky and my head was pounding. Then I said, "Why?" The kid said to me in a monotone, almost deep voice, "Give me please" and I was hypnotically giving my phone to the kid and my friend called out my name and I snapped out of it and said, "Um sorry, I have to go". Then it seemed that the kid was suddenly was gone and never seen again.” RO


“Here is my story. When I was 13 and I used to live in Texas. One day I was waiting for my mom to come from a taco shop. I was sitting in the front seat playing on my phone as I usually do and then I heard a tap on the cars door window. I thought it was my mom and ignored her for some reason. But the tapping started to get really loud and faster. I looked up and saw a young girl in a pink sweater with black sunglasses. It was 90 something degrees out and I was really confused. The girl just stared at me. I rolled the window down a notch and asked the girl if she was ok. She shook her head and kept staring at me.

A couple of seconds later she opened her mouth to speak and she said that a dog was chasing her and she got lost and wanted me to drive her home. I said that my mom was going to be here in a moment and I would have to ask her first. The girl said I looked old enough to drive and I could drive her there and come back to pick up my mom. I said I was too young and I could tell that she was getting upset. Then she said, more seriously, “Please, my mom needs me now!” I closed the window and the little girl just stared at me for 2 more minutes until my mom started to come back. The little girl ran behind the car next to me and she pulled her glasses down. I saw that her eyes were completely black. Then she put the sunglasses back on and ran off”

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