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Saturday, January 29, 2022

'Bigfoot Tribe' Held Girl Captive, Harassed Southeast Ohio Family

A woman in southeast Ohio claimed that a tribe of Bigfoot would harass her and the woman's family, beginning in 1962. At one point, when she was 12-years-old, she was held captive in a cave by the creatures.

The woman, who is now in her early 60s, requested to remain anonymous and to not reveal the Appalachia location where the incidents occurred.

She stated, “I prefer not to say where this took place, specifically. No one wants an invasion of Bigfoot hunters on private lands. Let people go to the public lands, like the Wayne National Forest, to look for Bigfoot. People down in the hills love where they live because it’s quiet, there’s fresh air, clean water, great conditions for raising gardens and children, and being in the thick of nature to see the wild animals up close is something they all value very much. I’d rather that people work harder on gathering the mountain of eyewitness reports and experiences that’s been hidden in the past decades in this state than to see them destroying nature.”

According to her, she wasn’t the only one experiencing the encounters. She continued, “The creatures were witnessed, in part, by my parents. People do need to know that these things happened to me. It still pains me greatly, but at least I can talk about it now in some part, though without anyone knowing who I am. People are absolutely cruel.”

The woman also said that the incidents happened too often to keep a record of them, and that some of the neighbors had similar experiences, including some young boys fishing in a nearby the river. These events were supposedly reported to the local police.

She also states that, at one point, the huge Bigfoot came back to take her, and her father shot it with a 12 gauge shotgun.

“The big one that had always come to take me out of my bedroom at night, came this time during the day. Dad was about 15 feet from it. The shot was hitting this thing and every time it hit, he’d stomp really hard on the ground with one foot after the other! My brothers and I ran up to my bedroom because the youngest said it was higher ground for a better defense and there were more over in the farmer’s drainage ditch across the road. They were huge too! I mean, what do you do as a kid and you see something like that? Good thing my three brothers were there with me to help protect me. I yelled to them to leave or they would be hurt. They finally left. But there was a lot of days were not to leave our 3 acres. My brothers wanted to go check on the neighbors to see if they were okay or needed help.”

She claims that the Bigfoot were of different sizes, male and female, but that the biggest one was a 14 foot tall male with a head that, was at least, the size of a basketball.

"His hair was long and about the same texture as mine, as I recall. The hair on all of them was about the same shade of brown, like the color of the decomposed wood layer in the forest. I could see skin around his eyes that was tanned and where there was facial hair. It was more sparse, with glimpses of skin showing through that area as well. I couldn’t make out a neck. His chin was broad, and his teeth were about the size of the nail on my middle finger but they were more flat and he had a mouthful of them meaning the width of his bite was wide. His mouth was wide enough to show most of them. His eyes were dark with some white around them, less so than human eyes. There were crows feet at the outer edge of them. His skin was weathered like anyone who spent much time outside, like a farmer. His shoulders were very broad, though I did see his collar bone on one side which looked thick compared to a humans. He was muscular and heavily built, but in no way fat. There was an adult female and others who were almost as big, as the female but didn’t seem to be young or old. I don’t know if they were all related, but they seemed like a close-knit group. So, there was the adult male and female who seemed to be a couple, and the two others that seemed to have maturity and body mass suggestive that they were what we’d consider 40-something humans. Other than that I couldn’t tell what age any of them were.”

The woman describes being taken captive. "Many of my memories of these creatures were so traumatic that my mind hid them from me. I’ve no idea what else I’ve experienced with them in my childhood, yet. You see, the memories are still popping up to the surface and I’ve gotta tell you it’s not a pleasant thing to know you’ve been taken innumerable times by these creatures across many hills far from your home! I’ve no idea what transpired while I was with them but each time they took me I was out all night long,”

She suffered in other ways as well. “I was being used in a tug of war and neither side was winning. Certain people at nearby churches were told what was going on so they’d take me aside and anoint me with oil and lay hands on me, praying out loud and all I wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep from that circus! I was confined to the house for weeks not being allowed to look out any windows.”

She states that most times her captivity was peaceful, but occasionally the creatures became violent.

“I was probably around 12 when I woke up underground in a cave that was dripping water from roots I could see stretching below the ground! You can’t imagine the horror! I was screaming my lungs out and after awhile I ran out of force to make any sounds, but the air kept coming out of me! I could see these creatures surrounding me as I lay there unable to move on this great slab of rock! I wanted badly to scream some more but I was just too tired to do that anymore. When I relaxed they all started smiling and laughing. I thought, okay they could’ve killed me and eaten me but they didn’t. Some of them are kind, but then again, I’ve seen cats play with mice for hours before they kill and eat them.”

She says that she remembers everything clearly, and so does her family.

"These were clearly not childhood nightmares as evidenced by the incident that took place around the time I was 12 or 13. Mom asked me questions each time he, the big Bigfoot, came back to my window and took me with him. He took me with him many times. After talking to me to get me to tell the big guy not to take me with him and that they’d told me to tell him no I wasn’t going, and that not seeming to work, she pretty much gave up asking me anything. She did talk to dad about how to stop this from happening, that she thought it was affecting my health and robbing us all of our sleep. There was the concern that if they did the wrong thing this creature could kill everyone in the house. Mom often wept to my older sisters about this big hairy thing that got into the chicken coop and how she needed their help to convince dad to do something to stop this before someone got hurt. She told them not to go near me and told me not to go near them. She was quite fearful and I can’t blame her.”

Then the family decided to move her bed downstairs, but this appeared to frustrate the large male Bigfoot.

“I remember hearing him pecking at my window upstairs, but I was strictly forbidden from leaving the area for any reason. He’d bang on the side of the house and dad would yell at him to go away, that he wasn’t going to see me anymore and that was that. He made these loud grunts and stomping on the ground to show his displeasure. I’d hear his thoughts in my head as if he was asking where I was."

“One day, when I was 19, we were on my parent's front stoop talking. Before I left, there was this very long, very loud, deep scream, like a man was getting murdered up the road in the woods! Sound did carry especially on cold nights, but this had excessive volume to it and no one human could’ve ever held a full on scream that long. I thought someone was being hurt up there and my Dad refused to call the sheriff’s office to report it. I thought my dad had lost it.”

But she says she called the sheriff when she returned home.

"The things they said really made me wonder if they were scared of the woods. I asked if they couldn’t look for vehicle tracks or boot prints up that lane to the gate and they finally said they’d go down there the next day to check. They appreciated that I described the place and it helped them feel more at ease. They kept saying the station policy was not to go into the woods for any reason.”

The neighbors and other kids at school also spoke of their personal encounters.

“We weren’t talking about our experiences with them, but we were listening to what others were having to deal with at their places. They called them monsters, creatures, monkey-men, giants, etc. We listened to what other neighbors would tell us about them because they thought no one was likely to believe kids that heard it and passed it on. The neighbors next door never spoke about their experiences.”

The woman also added, “Many times I’ve read authors saying they wished they knew, they wished those who knew would share what they know with the world, well, that’s why I’ve shared this. Talking about these things has not been easy. I hope it brings awareness to the suffering of experiencers and witnesses and allows them to speak openly about what has happened to them. Unless we all speak the truth the world won’t know what’s been hidden and still being hidden from us. Do we want future generations to carry on living the same lie? Our world is richer and more interesting than most people could ever imagine. These are not just creatures, they are quite intelligent and resourceful enough to keep from being caught or killed.”

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