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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

'Bigfoot' Observed, Tracked in McLean County, North Dakota

Two North Dakota women observe a possible Bigfoot in McLean County. They tell their relatives, who go to the location and spot a 'gorilla-like' creature sitting in the field. The game warden was notified.

I received the following report from the witness:

"On August 26, 2005 at around 2:30 am, my two cousins were driving back from Minot, North Dakota. They were taking the backroads to get home faster. About 2-3 miles from home on Country Road 7, they said that they were just talking and noticed on the left side in the north-bound lane a large, brown hairy 7-8-foot-tall 'thing' was standing there. They said that they were going about 50-55 mph and slowed down a bit as they passed by it. My cousin tapped on the brake and in the brake lights they saw it. It frightened them, and they quickly drove home.

As they got to one of my cousin's homes they went and woke my uncle and told him that they saw Bigfoot. Then they drove to my house and woke me. I them them that I didn't believe them. But they were both scared and shaking, so I knew that they saw something.

We took two spotlights a 5 million and a 3.5 million, my Uncle had a 1 million power light also. We asked them to show us, in which they both agreed, after they calmed down a bit. We took my Aunt's van and headed north. They showed us the spot and I asked them which way do you think it was going. She said that it might of been moving west. So we headed west-bound on Country Road 6 just north of White Shield, ND. As we headed about 1-2 miles west from Country Rd. 7 we turned north-bound on Country Road 5 as we were spotlighting in the cut wheat fields. I was on the passenger side and my Uncle was driving. We were both looking around with the lights.

Then I picked up a bright red reflection of eyes. As I told my Uncle to stop I noticed that this thing was on all fours moving west towards us. Then it stopped and seemed to sit down. It literally looked like a gorilla from the movies. As we stopped and sat there we must of watched it for about 4-5 minutes. It seemed unreal to me but as I started to realize that this is happening and that we don't have gorillas in North Dakota. That is when my Uncle noticed two more sets of eyes behind the one we were watching. My cousins started screaming and cussing at us to leave and to call the police and game commission. After that we started to turn around and head back, I noticed it stood up. That's when I said let's get game & fish out here.

When i arrived at my house, my cousin called the BIA and they said they will contact the game warden. My Uncle and I told my cousin to tell them that we are going to go back out there and wait for the game warden. My cousin's husband wanted to go with us.

As we started to turn on Country Road 5, that's when we noticed a very strong, rank odor. We stopped, jumped out and started to listen. That's when we noticed the truck lights on Country Road 6. It was the game warden. We flashed him down and talked to him. We gave all the information. He said that he would check the field out and left moving east with all of his spotlights on.

That morning, at daylight, we started looking for prints. We found some impressions in the cut wheat field and ditch. The prints were 15 1/2 inches and about 5 1/2 - 6 inches wide. We stopped a BIA officer and told him that we found some impressions, so he took some pictures. The footprints pointed in a east direction. As we started to track them, we found 3 other sets that seemed like they were zig-zagging around.

After 30 minutes or so, we tracked it to a tree row where there were spots of cut hay put into piles and pine tree branches, 2 inches thick, snapped off. The sap was still oozing out from the break. There was no tall weeds around that spot, so we walked around and found a slew just at the end of the tree row about 200 yards away." 

NOTE: You can find more information at BFRO - North Dakota, This is classified as a Class A sighting. The witness sent a edited report directly to me, then referred me to the BFRO report. Lon

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