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Friday, January 21, 2022

Bat-Winged Horned Humanoid Attacks Ute Teen Near Skinwalker Ranch

A group of Ute teens were parked near the Skinwalker Ranch when they were frightened by a bright orb. The orb manifested in a bat-winged, horned humanoid that attacked one of the teens.

A resident of Salt Lake City, Utah contacted me about a bizarre encounter told to him:

“I have an unbelievable story to tell you. Are you familiar with the Skinwalker Ranch over here in northeast Utah. I have a close relative that is pretty much the UFO guy in that area. He's been telling me these stories ever since I was a little kid, so I've been out to that area several times.

I was there in spring 2013 and nothing happened. We went around other ranch areas and there was no activity. The next night, on a Saturday, something did happen, what I later found out through my UFO relative. There were a few teen Ute kids who were driving in a tall truck about 8 feet high. They pulled up to the gate of the Skinwalker Ranch and parked there. They said that they saw an orb of light appearing above the gate. They turned on their lights and engine because they got scared. Then an even brighter light appeared and moved over their truck. Then something hit their truck. These kids got scared, so they hauled it quickly down the ranch access road to the main road.

They stopped, I'm guessing, about three quarters of a mile from the gate. They got out to look at the damage done to this truck and for some reason. Apparently there are some girls with them. Well, once they got back in the truck, this is where it gets weird. A creature grabbed this kid, who was in the passenger seat, and pulled him out of the truck. It threw him around like a rag doll, bit him on the butt several times, and clawed him. Long story short, somehow this kid got back in the truck. They were able to get back in their truck, drove away, and then talked to the Ute Tribal police. The Tribal police say there's nothing they can do about it.

So, the next day, which would be Sunday, they contacted my UFO relative and he went down there to investigate. Meanwhile, there was a shaman and his wife there blessing the kids that were involved in this incident. My UFO relative said that he saw a photo on one of kid's cell phone of this creature. He also saw the damage done to the truck. Scratched into the truck was the word 'DIE' and he also saw the injuries inflicted on the kid and the bite marks. Now that was very unbelievable for me to hear.

The crazy thing about it is this. I work at a hospital. A few months ago, one of my patients was actually the shaman's wife who was present at time that my relative was there to investigate. She told me exactly what my relative said, but in greater detail. The creature that she described, and also what my relative said, had to be a tall creature because it pulled this kid out of this window. That's the 8-foot tall truck and this creature had horns and red skin. It had a human-like face, but the mouth was distorted, resembling short canine snout. It had claws and bat-like wings. I asked if it was a skinwalker, She replied, "No, this is something totally different.” J

NOTE: there have been accounts of wolf-like entity attacks near the Skinwalker Ranch in the past, but this is the first time I have heard anything like this. I've made a few inquiries in order to gain more information. Lon

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