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Monday, January 10, 2022

After Black-Eyed Kid Enters Home, Strange Incidents Begin To Occur!

A Texas boy allows a BEK and three other kids to enter the trailer home and use the phone. They soon vanish. Afterwards, a series of strange incidents begin to occur in the home.

I recently came across this account:

"This happened back in the 1980s, when I was between 9 and 10. I was an only child at this point, and my mother was a single mom. She had taken all the money she had and bought a trailer and some land, and moved out to the country. We lived in a rural area in east Texas on a two acre tract of land. Houses were sparse and situated quite far apart. So, not a heavily populated area.

My mom was busy with something in her room, which was situated at the far end of the 72-foot trailer we lived in. I went into the kitchen for something, and heard a knock at the door. I went to open it and found 4 kids standing outside, 2 boys and 2 girls. I opened the screen door and the larger of the boys asked "Can we use your phone? We need to call our mom." I was immediately suspicious, because where had these kids come from. I had lived here a few years and knew all the kids in the neighborhood.

I remember looking at the larger boy's eyes and thinking something was different about him, but couldn't put my finger on it (I later realized that his eyes were almost black). I shrugged, and opened the screen wider and let them in. I left the front door open as I took them into the kitchen and pointed to where the phone was.

The larger boy picked up the phone as my mom called to me. I ran into my mom's room and she said, "Who is in the house?" I told her "A bunch of kids wanted to use the phone." She looked angry and said, "You don't let anyone in the house. Tell them to leave."

I walked out of her room and back to the kitchen to tell them they had to go, and found the phone off the hook. The front door was still open and the screen door closed. I ran to the door and outside to look for the kids. They were nowhere to be found. They couldn't have even had time to walk or run across two acres to get to the street, so where were they?

After that happened, life was super weird. Mom was always getting sick, unable to find sustainable work. She became heavily paranoid and got into damaging relationships with men. Of the most weird occurrences were when she didn't have the ability to pay the phone bill. So the phone company came and disconnected the phone. However, we were still getting phone calls. I rarely ever answered the phone. So, when mom told me this, I was skeptical and didn't really believe her. Then one day she was busy outside and the phone rang, so I answered it. I heard a woman say 'hello' on the other end. It sounded like my aunt, then it just all went to static.

When mom came back in, I told her what had occurred. She went to a neighbor's and called the phone company and asked them to check the line, that our phone was ringing. They came out, inspected the line at the pole and came inside and told my mom, "There is no way you are getting phone calls, the line is completely disconnected, it's cut at the pole."

This happened constantly, even after mom moved the trailer to another city. In that city she had failed to pay the bill again and the phone was disconnected. But we kept getting phone calls that ended in dead air or strange voices and static. Their linesman told her the same thing, that there was no way our phone was ringing. But, yet, it did.

To this day I really don't know what to make of any of that, but it was also around this time I began to experience things like words of knowledge, and clairaudient experiences where I would know things I had never learned. I'd hear things before they happened in physical reality. I mostly kept those experiences to myself and would just think it was 'weird.'

When mom sold that trailer, we never had those weird phone experiences again, and the clairaudience also went away. Something had happened to that trailer after those kids had come in the door.

Here are a few other experiences I remember:

While still living in the country, I was sitting on mom's bed next to her. She was saying "it feels like bugs are crawling all over me." I got off the bed and walked over to her dresser and for some reason felt the need to look up. On the ceiling, there were millions of tiny spiders. This is no exaggeration. I knew my mom would freak out, so I told her, "Mom, please get up and leave this room." She looked at me with a look of concern and asked why. I said, "Please, just get out of this room." She then gave me a look like I was being impossible. So I told her, "Look up." I had never seen her leave a room so fast after she looked up and saw that mess. We fumigated the house directly after that several times a year. I have NEVER seen anything like that before or since.

After we had moved the trailer to another city, some lights would either dim or get brighter and brighter when we turned them on, until they literally popped. When mom called the electric company they sent an electrician out to inspect. He climbed the pole, and when he went to test one of the lines it literally popped him off the pole and he flew to the ground. He was ok, though a little shaken. The electric company's stance on the issue was that there was a miss-wiring at the pole. It was most likely that they missed the ground. Again, could be unrelated, but the circuit breakers never tripped during these episodes." AS

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