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Saturday, January 01, 2022

8 Foot, Red-Haired 'Bigfoot' Encountered on Ozarks Chicken Farm

A farm girl, living in the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas, encounters an 8-foot tall, red-haired Bigfoot that had just raided the chicken house. It never showed any aggression towards her.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"When I was 15, in 1973, we lived on an 80-acre farm in the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas that back then would have been considered rural. But in reality, was only about 15-20 minutes from town. We raised poultry for a local company and had a long chicken house. Beside the end and near the driveway was a yard light that had pegs on it so when the bulb burned out you could climb the pole and change out the bulb.

I went outside around 7pm to feed our Alaskan Husky, but unlike usual, he was not at the back door waiting. I heard him whining and followed the sound toward the edge of our house where we had a took shed and our root cellar. He was under the building, having dug out a spot and would not come out when I called. That was when I smelled what I thought was a skunk. Figuring that was what had ran him under the shed, I stood up and then I felt as if I was being watched. So I turned in a circle to see if there was a visible skunk.

As I faced toward the chicken house, I saw a tall creature with long reddish hair all over its body. Its face was human-like and covered with a long beard and long head hair. I could see it clearly as it stood right under the light, which later my Mom measured that by the pegs I could see that night, that this creature was about 8 foot. I froze in shock. I knew what I was looking at. Never a doubt. And it was looking at me. I glanced back toward the house to see how far I was to the back door and then back to it. It was holding something in its hand that was nearest the poultry house and noticed that it was a dead chicken.

The next day we saw where the screen on the poultry house had been pulled back. This creature and I stood facing each other for a few seconds, which felt like hours, and then it turned, gently walked about 10 feet to our road gate that enclosed our field and stepped over it. At 15, I was about 4’11 and knew the top of the gate was at my eye level.

After it crossed over, it took a few steps and then looked back at me and then just kind of walked, loped into the field and I could not see him anymore in the dark. But, being a girl, that look back made me scream bloody murder! My Mom came out with her shot gun as we had seen a panther a few weeks before by our pond and she had placed the gun by the back door. After a few moments of jabbering nonsense I was able to tell her what I saw. That was when she said she heard something scratching on a screen the night before. I was relieved to have been believed but refused to feed the dog or go out after dark anymore. Later, we learned a neighbor whose property backed up to ours also saw this creature.

After growing up, I often think back to that experience and what I had felt. I think shock and confusion at what I was seeing. I think it may have been just as shocked to see me. But, oddly at the time, up until it turned and looked back at me, I never felt fear. I did not sense danger and when it looked at me I did not see any in its eyes which to me were dark. But. I have never forgotten the exact details to this day. I do not believe they are monkeys or gorillas. It was too human and had an intelligent look. And just like other animals, when their territory is encroached upon, they try to scare you off. I think people looking for them have less chance to see them then those who just happen upon them." MS

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