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Sunday, January 23, 2022

6-Foot-Tall 'Chameleon Man' Seen in Desert Near Tucson, Arizona

A group of mountain bike cyclists are in the Arizona desert, when they encounter a 6-foot-tall skinny lizard-like entity. One of the witnesses stated that it looked like a chameleon humanoid.

The following account was recently referred to me:

In February 2014, three mountain bike cyclists were making their way along the challenging 17-mile Old Pueblo Race Course, just east of Tucson, Arizona. The course is a grueling, dry, withered moonscape of land to traverse and packing water and food a necessity if one wants to survive.

At around the halfway point, they came across something none of them had ever expected to see out in these sun blasted badlands. One of the witnesses would say of the encounter:

"We had been riding for about, I don’t know, nine hours or so, taking breaks every now and then. Then Michael says he needs to stop for a minute. We are waiting for him to finish when all of a sudden we see this lone figure walking across the trail. It is about 6-foot-tall, very skinny in form, and it had an awkward gait, like a monkey...or a man with a disease, almost robotic.

Then all I remember about Michael is him saying, "What the hell is that?" Or something like that. But he sounded far away. He probably used a different word instead of 'hell.' The thing is, we had somehow walked a bit towards the thing. Don’t ask me why…maybe to look at it better, not knowing what it was. The creature stopped and it made eye contact with me and I could see it clearly. The eyes were kind of like a snake’s, but yellow with a black stripe in the middle of the eye. It had green and red scales on the face and head. The red color was kind of like the same as the desert sand, and it looked like it had a sandy texture too. It didn’t have a nose, only two holes on it. I couldn’t see any ears or hair. A red mouth that looked like it had blood around it, but it didn’t look like it was bleeding. It looked like a pattern. It reminded me of a chameleon, but it looked like a person too!"

The odd creature then stood up to its full height and raised its long arms to gesture at them, all the while making an unearthly chattering sound, before scampering off like “a lizard trying to hide.” The unsettled men excitedly talked about what to do, and they decided to just keep going and finish the course. However, the strange encounter did not leave them, and none of them could forget it.

One of the witnesses would later say:

"When you read these stories online or watch them on TV, well, you think man these people are crazy, on meds or something or in need of attention. But this has made me a believer. There has to be more of them out there. If there’s one, there’s got to be two at least right? I know most people won’t believe a word I said, that’s the way I used to be. I don’t blame them at all. But they are out there. Now I’m not saying this is an alien or a Chupacabra or anything like it. All I’m saying is I have never seen anything like it in my life. But I am no biologist so what do I know."

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