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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

YES! There Truly Are Bigfoot In Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania hunter and his son have been noticing tell-tale physical evidence of Bigfoot habitation in their neck of the woods over the past 6 years. They are sharing their encounters.

I recently received the following account:

"Late November 2015 during 1st day of deer firearm hunting season in Pennsylvania. Me and my son, and brother, were hunting on private land. Quad trails was the easiest way to hunt this area. But me and my son are true blue deer kickers, one will sit on the trail, the other will take 100 yard track through some of the thickest and roughest stuff you could go through.

So, after about 3 hours of deer kicking, we met up at the top of the hill, which overlooks 3 valleys. So, me and the boy walked to the top of the highest valley we were standing on. When we were tracking towards the top of the hill, we had to cut though some really thick briers, after coming to a huge opening. We saw a giant stack of twigs. Intertwined over some  big logs. We were curious, so we climbed on top of it. And let me tell you, it was strong. Real strong. And my boy said it smelled. I myself lost my sense of smell in a car accident. Broke my nose up pretty bad. And never got it fixed. So I lost that sense.

So, while I was standing on top, I asked my boy if there was an opening? Or is it just all sealed up and solid? He walked 3\4 of the way around it, but could not get to where I thought was the opening. It was a straight down a cliff! With so many sticks and stuff in front it was just way to tough to even check out. We sat on top of this huge structure for quite a while. I smoked and he did too. So we sat there enjoying a cigarette and kept asking each other what the heck this giant structure was? I was joking around and said I bet you it was a Bigfoot! Doing the old, 'Yeah right' joking around.

We crawled down off the huge mound of sticks and logs. Walked through all the rough stuff again and came to a nice clearing on top of the 3 valleys that came together. We only hunt with 12-gauge pumpkin ball. So as we were sitting there I kept my eye on the other side of the valley.

We're still joking about the Bigfoot deal. I look across the valley and out of nowhere, a huge black blob appeared 1/4 mile down the hill, so pulled up my gun with a 4 power scope enough to see clear at that distance. Kept looking at it, and I saw it was hairy. I gave the gun to my boy and said keep that black blob in the scope until I could get my camera out of my jacket, which had a 16 power lens on it and I could really get a good look at it. And take a picture while I was at it. We don't have too many bear, specially in that area. Game lands right over the mountain we were on, but still 5 miles away. I told the son, don't take your scope off of it, just in case it moves. We both never seen a wild bear and for it being that close to us while we were talking, carrying on, and laughing, and smoking cigarettes. I've heard bear are super smart and can smell things 2 miles away. I don't know, because I don't hunt bear. But, if it was a bear I wanted a picture of it.

So, my boy kept his scope on the black blob. I had a hard time finding my camera with all my clothing. My boy, being anxious, took his eyes and scope off the huge blob. Turned and ask me, "Did you find it yet?" When we both looked back, we saw a flash of black go over the mountain about 150 yards away from where it was. We both looked at each other and had the same question? Did you see that? How the heck did it get up and over the mountain that darn far and fast? So, that was not the end of the sighting.

It took us about 1 to 1 1/2 hours just to get back to the truck. We were taking our time, after seeing something that just baffled both of us. We were walking down the quad trail, and out of nowhere a rock comes flying right past us. Stopped us in our tracks. We were both looking around. We couldn't see anything. Now, we were close enough to communicate with my other brother, Who was hunting the easy trails. Got on the radio (2 way) and asked where he was at? He said he was 100 yards away from the truck. Me and my boy were 300 yards away. So we were close to getting out of the woods, and close to the truck. Plus we have not seen anything. No birds, deer, tracks, nothing. It was uncanny. Just weird. So, me and the boy figured, after agreeing, to yell out, "Who's there?" We thought we might have been in someone's hunting spot. No answer. So, as we were walking towards the truck, we kept hearing twigs and limbs snapping the whole way as we walked. We would stop. So would they, or it. We both kept talking and asking each other the same question the whole walk down. Did you hear that? What's that smell(the boy would say)?

About 150 yards away from the truck, we sat and waited. Not one noise. Nothing. Waited for at least an hour. Smoked cigarettes. And kept asking each other, "What threw a rock at us?" We were joking about it. My boy said, jokingly, it's a Bigfoot. We got up. Got ready to go. We were done for the day. As we stood up, something big got up and took off. It was huge and heavy. It was making enough noise that my brother, sitting down by the truck jumped on the radio and asked us if we chase up a deer? We both said no. But me and my boy struggled to even see what the heck it was. We both could not see anything. So I joked with the boy, and we laughed 50 yards away from the truck.

As we were unloading our guns, we all 3 heard the strangest howls and growls. To this day, I cannot replicate the sounds. My brother, until this day, said it was a bear. Me and my boy, we know what it was.

The very next year the private property was blocked off, and the people that owned it said that they were protecting that piece of land. I know why, and I don't blame them. I know the thing that everybody wants to cash out on if they kill it. I want these Bigfoot to have their space and home were they don't have to worry about us. I believe they should be protected.

the next season, we went 2 miles up the road on another piece of private property. And wouldn't you have guessed it, there are pushed over trees on the quad trails. We heard whistles also. My brother heard those too, but he said it was just a hunter. Me and my boy know. Yes we do. So even though we seen it, heard it, and know the signs of them, we are not afraid. Not because we have guns or bows. But because I have respect for the big guys. And they have their space and we have ours. We are just walking through their living room and grabbing something to eat. And if we ever have a conflict in the woods with them, I will leave. It is there house by the way.

So, now we have another place 5 miles away. And wouldn't you guessed it, there are signs of Bigfoot there also. We have them here in Pennsylvania. And in a populated area. If need be, I can send pictures next year, now since I know what we are looking at. Me and the boy both agreed not to tempt them by grunting, wood knocking, or Howling. We are invading their house. We are the intruders. No reason to act like them, or to try to harm them in any way. I would dislike shooting or harming something so close to humans." JW

NOTE: The witness has made it clear that the general location would not be disclosed. I agreed with their wishes. Yes, Bigfoot truly does inhabit Pennsylvania, and many of us would like for it to stay that way. Lon

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