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Thursday, December 09, 2021

Time Slips: '...the good thing is that you always return.'

A British man describes a recent 'time slip' event at an international airport that left him questioning similar events that have occurred throughout his life. Have you had similar incidents?

I recently received the following account:

"Myself and my two youngest kids were at the international airport (I assume it was at Heathrow. Lon) recently. We were catching a bucket flight to Paris. When the flight was announced it looked like the waiting area just emptied and headed down a passenger corridor including my two kids. As I started down the single long corridor, I realised I was well behind the group. At the end of the corridor, they all went downstairs. They had gone.

I felt lonely in this empty corridor but kept walking. Then I heard footsteps behind me. I thought I am not alone. I glanced to my right, and there was a man in a brown suit and shoes, wearing a 40’s style suit. I glanced to my left and saw a woman smartly dressed in black jacket, skirt and black half heel shoes, handbag with short black hair.

About 10 yards later I stopped hearing the man’s footsteps. So, I quickly looked to my right, but the man wasn’t there. I glanced to the left; the woman was still there. When we got to the stairs, I stopped to let the woman go first. But she wasn’t there, I looked back along the corridor there were no ramps off the corridor. Yes doors, but if they used one of them, they would have dropped 20+ feet.

I headed down the stairs and met my son, I asked where Paige, my youngest daughter, was. He replied she went back up the stairs to look for you. I looked back up the stairs my daughter started down the stairs. Her first words to me were, how did you get here? I said I came along the corridor and down the stairs. She said, dad you weren’t there. I went back along the corridor to find you and you weren’t there! I said I was there. No, you weren’t! I said it seems to have happened again. The kids know about these events. We boarded the flight to Paris.

Well, any crackpot could come up with this. However, this has happened to me since I was 7. Unusual, yes, but maybe not, I don’t know. I can enter a room and be in a completely different time and place. When they started happening, my mother said the good thing is that you always return. She wasn’t phased by it. She said she had seen a lot of comic book stuff in Germany in 1945." Regards, IN


This week, join your host LON STRICKLER for a special interview with guest MIKE ROBINSON!

It was at the tender age of 7 that an interconnection of cells and organs called Mike Robinson (then Mikey) penned, or penciled, his first story, The Aliens That Invaded My Backyard!. A runaway international bestseller, it went on to win the World Fantasy Award, Hugo Award, and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Or maybe those things were also just products of his imagination.
In weathering the pressure of following such an unlikely debut, he later became the author of multiple books: the trilogy The Enigma of Twilight Falls, The Prince of Earth, Dreamshores, Skunk Ape Semester, The Atheist, Dishonor Thy Father (with M.J. Richards), one collection of short fiction, Too Much Dark Matter, Too Little Gray, and more. Most tack toward the weird, the darkly fantastic, the metaphysical, the odd residue scraped from the bottom of our "souls" (he was a PhD in puns). And there's plenty more where that came from.
But the story buck doesn't stop there. A native of Los Angeles, his blood is half-celluloid, so it was inevitable that he also became a screenwriter and producer, not to mention co-editor of the magazine Literary Landscapes for the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, or GLAWS, from 2011 to 2018. A short film he co-wrote, Chrysaline, debuted at the Louisiana International Film Festival in 2016, and his feature film, Corral, a psychological, supernatural thriller, is tumbling through post-production.

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