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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Terrifying 'Crawler Humanoid' Encounters in Massachusetts & Michigan

2 witnesses describe encounters with pale crawler humanoids at different locations, in Massachusetts and Michigan. Have you ever had a similar sighting or incident? Feel free to contact me.

The following accounts were recently forwarded to me:

"A couple of years ago I volunteered to help out at a store way out of my itinerary. I usually commuted from the Hartford, CT area to Springfield, MA for work. But a store in our chain needed help and I felt like an adventure away from my norm. 

The store was a lot farther than anticipated and after a blah day I set out for home. Problem was it was October and the sun was gone by 8pm. A full moon to boot. And the road home runs by a state forest with little illumination for drivers. I generally don't like driving at night. I can't see very well. Because of this I like using my high beams.

After about 45 minutes of driving in darkness, with barely any street lights, the full moon lighting the areas my high beams, I was already apprehensive. No cars on the road but me. Ugh. Slowly driving because I'm afraid of some dead man's curve or something, I saw in the road a dead deer. I just drive around it and the smell was pretty bad. And just as the smell drifted out of my car which was pretty distracting, something was in front of me on the passenger side running. It ran on 2 legs but had a gait that made it look like it was on four at times. It was human-like in skin color but had almost a hunched spiny back and bald head.

As soon as I got close enough it veered sharply into the woods. I did not stop or look in the rear view mirror. I just got sick to my stomach and kept driving. I told my wife about the encounter and went to bed. I decided to never to take that route again. This thing was only 4-5 ft "tall." I say it that way only because of what eyes could figure it to be. It was human-shaped and skinny. Gangly almost. I'm not about to go and look for it though. This was in Berkshire County, MA.

The thing wasn't running at a high speed. Just like it was trying to duck and cover. I looked up 'crawler humanoid' and the descriptions seem similar. But who knows what it may really be. Thankfully I only saw it for about 30 seconds. That's more than I care to ever see that thing." GC


"I've never really been all that in to the the cryptid communities, but these last few days I've looked into everything I could find, because I saw something in the woods few days ago. I've come to the conclusion that it was a crawler, based on its appearance, movement, and the sounds made. This is a description of the situation and sighting.

On September 7, 2021, I was walking alone in the woods at around 7 pm. It was at the Tittabawassee Nature Reserve in Michigan. I go there often to observe the nocturnal wildlife, though I got one hell of a lot more than I bargained for. I had strayed some twenty yards from the trail, with only a flashlight. My whole family knew where I was going. There were dead dry leaves on the ground which made loud crunches as I went. I had believed it would scare any animals away when I was setting up my base for the night. I was lying down in my tent, when I heard a human scream, but I realized something was off. It didn't sound exactly human, warbled in some weird way.

So I grabbed a hunting knife, unzipped my tent flap and crawled out with my flashlight and scanned the area. The screaming had stopped, replaced with high-pitched, almost squirrel-like chattering. My light found two bright red eyes, even brighter than a deer in the lights. It appeared about one hundred feet away, and I slowly approached it. I was out here for observing animals, and I was still slightly cloudy-minded from sleep. So as I got close it started screaming again. It wasn't the same scream, though. It was, well, primal. I stopped, but the creature came towards me into the beam of light, moving like a spider. It was stick thin and pale, with no ears, no nose, blank eye sockets, and a very thin mouth. It seemed to be about eight feet tall, but like I said, it was moving like a spider so it was hard too tell. I screamed, and it moved away incredibly, impossibly fast. I ran into my tent, stayed awake all night and didn't hear anything else.

In the morning I found no tracks from where the creature had been. No one in my family believes this happened. I did the research that lead me to believe that it was a Crawler." AS

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