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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

'Slender Man' Humanoid Encountered on Ardara, Pennsylvania Railroad Tracks

A group of friends in Ardara, Pennsylvania encounter a very pale upright humanoid standing on the railroad track. One of the friends describe it as being similar to the 'Slender Man.'

The following account was recently referred to me:

"One day in March of my sophomore year in high school (2014) I had 2 friends of mine sleepover on a Friday night. These 2 friends and I were always adventurous and getting ourselves in something we had no business really doing at 15/16 years old, but we did it anyways. So, we have the sleepover and do whatever Friday.

We wake up pretty early on Saturday morning somewhere between 7 and 8 AM. My parents ALWAYS slept in on Saturday mornings. My mom, being a bus driver and out of the house before I was even up for school, and my dad working 9-5 in the back of a car dealership. I, knowing my parents have at least another 3 hours of good solid sleep say, "Hey, let's go to the train tracks and smoke our cigarettes and hit this weed we have." We easily could have gone on my back deck or somewhere a little closer but what fun would that have been. We get all of our stuff and head out very early.

The train tracks aren't a very long distance from my house, about an 8-minute walk. I lived in a small neighborhood, it is called the village of Ardara. No more than 30 houses in the small town that is located to the side of a drag called Rt.993. My mom always said, "If you blink you'll miss it" (where we live). We walk the shoulder of 993 for maybe 50 feet and there is a post office for Ardara and right across from this post office is a bridge to go onto Leger Road. We go over the bridge, which has been shut down for years, and once your cross the bridge there is a little cut in the woods that loops you back around to the train tracks. The train tracks where I was are a very long and straight track. You could see at least a mile down. And on each side of train track is a very steep hillside. At this point in time (March) there was no greenery on shrubs/trees/bushes. You could very visibly see anything on these hillsides. For example, a deer would not be able to hide well. My friends and I are on the train tracks and we walk down them maybe half a football field in distance. We stop and huddle up ready to light or half bowl of weed.

This is where things actually get spooky. As we huddle to light up our bowl I, knowing these train tracks, glance one time back to make sure a train is not coming thru the straightaway. At the moments of checking that's when I say out loud, "Do you guys see that too?" And I ask this to make sure I am not seeing things. They both say faintly, "Yes.' What I saw is just downright unexplainable. I will try my best to describe it.

It wasn't a man, but it was the same height and body stock of a man. This thing had no face, no ears, no mouth, no hair, not hat on, no eyes, no nose. This thing didn't have a skin tone. It was white. It was the whitest thing I have ever 'skin' wise. It had an outfit very relatable to 'Michael Myers' character. Like a blue jumpsuit that you would see on a janitor or a auto mechanic. It was also relatable to 'Slender Man.' But it wasn't tall and abnormal like Slender Man. Just the whole white face no facial feature thing. This 'man' was standing facing us about 25 yards away. We just walked down here and were walking toward where he would have been. It appeared out of no where. Literally.

When my friends both say, "Yes, we see this," I run the other direction back towards the bridge as fast as I can. I look back at them one time just to make sure they are okay. They are both behind me. When I looked back I saw the thing. It was at the same exact place it was before, the only thing that changed was is that it wasn't positioned facing us and the bridge. Its body was now facing the hillside and looking directly forward. We run back under the bridge and up the little cut back to on top of it. It took us probably no more than 15 seconds to get back to the bridge. We stood there for at least an hour. We waited. We waited so patiently to see something or someone walk around or just anything. Nothing ever happened.

I have told my brother, my mom, co-workers and friends. Everyone believes me but no one ever has any kind of reasoning or anything for what happened. I remember it so vividly and it still scares me to this day. I cant explain what happened . Does anyone have any input?

I am from Pennsylvania and like I said lived in the village of Adara, Westmoreland County. You can easily look up Ardara post office and see the bridge across from it. There's even some pictures I've found of a train enthusiast that has pictures below and on the bridge." HC

NOTE: here are a few screenshots of the location. Lon

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