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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Screaming Pale 'Crawler Humanoid' Encountered in Alabama Suburb

An Alabama man hears something screaming for help in a nearby woods. The sounds moves indiscriminately, making it hard to pinpoint. He them notices something human-like crawling in the underbrush.

I recently came across the following account:

"This happened in October of 2020 in Pelham and Helena, Alabama, as I live near the border of the two towns and followed it into Helena from Pelham. I want to be as detailed as possible since my interaction with this thing was over a hour and half. It's been bugging me a long time and as much as I try to rationalize what happened, I can't. I will try my best to tell my story and hope someone will maybe have had a similar incident happen to them and will be able to get a better understanding of this.

I am living with my girlfriend in Pelham, Alabama. We live together in a development. We were playing video games and relaxing late around 1 AM (can get exact dates and times if anyone interested). Anyway, I go outside to smoke a cigarette and I hear a woman yell "someone help me" as I live in a development I think nothing of it. But it continues and I become curious as the yelling continues over 5 minutes. I became a little concerned. So I start to pay closer attention to it and I believe the yelling is coming from across the main road near my development in a small patch of woods. I'm thinking it is a fox, as they make a almost identical sound to a woman, but it continues to scream. I'm trying to make sure I'm hearing this right.

Then it screams 'please help' and 'please, someone help!' This is clear and I'm sure now that it is not a fox. I approach closer because I think someone needs help, but the screams are moving away from me out of the small patch of forest. next to the road down the street about 50 yards to another development. I enter the development and now I'm 90% sure this is someone's TV or someone has a Halloween decoration that is making this noise, but it bothers me. I am now walking in this development and I text my girlfriend about what happened just in case someone did need help, but it was probably nothing. I am trying to follow this screaming as it continues almost 2 or 3 times a minute, always same phrases 'please help me' and 'someone help!'

As I'm walking down the road it seems more difficult to follow and it seems to be coming from much further away now. So, I decided to just go home. If someone needed help I thought why would they be running so fast as they would have to be to cover the distances.

As I am walking back home after 4 or 5 minutes it then starts again, much more loudly and I now have a much better idea that this is coming from this larger forest near a cell phone tower. I'm now hearing the screams in the woods about 50 yards from me. I'm standing on the street and as I am listening to this I notice that it is moving quickly parallel to me. It moves 50 yards to my right, stops, then screams 'help me' then runs about another 50 yards to my left. I'm baffled that anyone could move so quickly and this went on for 5 minutes. It only stopped to speak and ran again. This didn't make any sense to me in any way. I wasn't sure if I should enter the forest and try and help this person. But I still couldn't see it. Almost as if it was crawling, as I saw the bushes moving and heard the twigs snapping, along with the screaming. 

Then It screamed a different phrase, over and over. It screamed 'why aren't you helping me?' It did this rapidly for almost 2 minutes. Then it made a different noise. It started making a very low, almost grunting growling noise. This is when I became terrified. I couldn't rationalize this. I am hearing the women screaming and this low grunting, growling noise over and over. I realize this isn't my imagination. This is insane. I then realize how far I am from my house and how long this had been going on for. I thought that this thing wants me to come into this forest. It isn't running back and forth at a 50 yard distance anymore. It's almost running back and forth 20 yards and very close to me. It refuses to leave the woods, but wants me to come in. The grunting becomes way more frequent along with its movements, running faster and faster back and forth. I think I see something human-like crawling low to the ground, white or pale in color. It's hard to tell and it's moving quick. I am also scared because the grunting was terrifying. I stopped and decided to call 911 immediately.

I know whatever this thing was, it isn't friendly. I never heard of this happening to anyone and that it's not good. I tell the 911 operator where I am and that a women is screaming. Once the Helena police show up it stops. The police found no trace of anything. I am pretty terrified just to go outside at night. I never believed something like this thing could exist. It's messing with my head." C

NOTE: The pale crawler humanoids have been known to scream and occasionally call for help. Very weird. Lon

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