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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Massive 'Flying Gargoyle' Recently Reported in Mameyes Arriba, Puerto Rico

The locals in Mameyes Arriba, near the El Yunque rainforest, have reported sightings of a massive flying 'gargoyle.' The general area has been known for a variety of unexplained sightings and encounters.

I recently received the following account from a witness:

"There have been sightings of unknown flying being in Puerto Rico's natural tourist attraction called "El Yunque." I feel free to share its name considering I'm not putting them or anyone in danger. The locality is called Mameyes Arriba, Older folks talk about the "giant bird" that flies from that mountain to the local beach. I'm saying that most locals have seen it, literally 8 out of 10 people have either seen it, heard it or have been close enough to see it.

In this particular neighborhood, in between El Yunque rainforest and that lonely beach we call "Las Picuas," I have seen what I also thought was just a giant bird. The wing span is massive and it makes zero sound. It might perch on a rooftop or a fence post, It's almost like a 7ft maybe 8ft tall shadow.

During one instance, at about 4 am, my dogs were going crazy. They were extremely agitated, which infuriated me. As I walked towards the window, about 4 feet from the wall in which the windows were, I heard something perch on the chain link fence. It was definitely too heavy to be a cat and sounded more like human who was very agile. There was no rebound in the landing, kind of like how a bird would land. I thought it was someone jumping our fence. We live in a small neighborhood so whoever it was (theoretically) I would know him or her. I slowly crank open my window, as silent as possible, and I start scanning around the fence. My dogs are hiding and everything is quiet. Then the massive weight lifts from the fence and then I heard a second loud "thump," like an adult man jumping and landing on overgrown grass.

At this point, I guess my neighbor to the right was also cranking open his window because at this point "It" had crossed from my property to his. He takes the flashlight and starts scanning the area and I can tell you two things right away. It was very agile, it is very smart. The "gargoyle," as we took on calling it, ducked out of the flashlight range behind some tree. I was frozen in place from panic while looking at this massive thing. Acknowledging how smart it was, I became even more terrified. It was massive! The legs were curved like hooves. It was making sounds as if cats were fighting and at the time of writing this, that caused my neighbor to back away and shut his window again. I assumed it was its natural sound. But what if it was mimicking cats fighting to manipulate us into ignoring the sounds it made?

Also, I'm not a teenager writing creepy pastas. This is real! El Yunque has a second mountain top near it. People there have known for generations about a gargoyle that stalks in the trees and eats cats, dogs, etc. It is also known for breaking into chicken coops.

I was tempted to install cameras around that area and try to get some footage to back up my claims, but as of right now all I have is my account.

Locals have seen so much. I'm surprised it has never gotten out to the media, but then again they don't use social media much." EA

NOTE: The El Yunque is well-known for unexplained activity, including UFOs and possible extraterrestrial being sightings. Here is one report:

Rio Grande (Puerto Rico), PR - 4/5/1995: I was told of an incident that occurred on an area known as "EL YUNQUE" (Carribean National Forest} in the eastern part of the Island of Puerto Rico. I was told that several Park Rangers at the National Forest witnessed the crash of what appeared to be an aircraft. They immediately set off to take a look at the object fearing it was an aircraft that crashed. When they arrive, they found a UFO burning and aliens lying on the ground. (can't tell how many). The Park Rangers pick up the alien body(s) and took then to their station. There, one of the rangers found a camera and took several pictures of the alien while it was lying on a stretcher. (this is how they prove to me the story was real, I saw the picture which I describe below). I saw a picture of a alien body lying on a stretcher in what looks like an infirmary. The body was lying supine on the stretcher. I guess it has to be something like 4 1/2 or 5 foot tall. The skin looked something like grayish with a rose tone. It only had 4 fingers and toes on each extremity. Its upper extremities reached as far down as what looked to be their knees. Its head was huge, having maximum enlargement at the inferior quadrant of his head. It had eyes that looked to be big and round (even do you can only see little thru a horizontal line defining what might looks like eyelids. Its mouth and nose were in proportion to the proper anatomical positions just like on us humans. Apart from that, body showed signs of first and second degree burns mainly to the left side of his body. (remember, the body was lying supine and cannot see the right side.) I was told that the military came and pick up the alien as well as the UFO and took then the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in the town of Ceiba which is only 10-20 miles from the incident site. As for the Park Rangers, they were sent back to the United States sometime early after the incident took place. - NUFORC

Also, the following account:

El Yunque, Puerto Rico - late February 1991 - 7:30 pm

Freddie, his wife and their young child were taking a drive around the rainforest area on Route 191. After cruising the area the road took a turn and the pair inadvertently took a detour deep into the forest. After a while they came up to a camouflaged gate deeper into the forest and after inspecting it they decided to drive through it. As they drove on the path in the woods they noticed that it was well lit by blue light bulbs on each side of the road. They drove through some hills for about 2 miles when the road abruptly ended. At it's end there was a large metal gate and a building on the other side of it. At that moment two six-foot tall man-like figures appeared and ordered the pair to stop and asked who they were. The men wore tight-fitting black one-piece suits, resembling diver's outfits, a wide black belt, black gloves, and large black boots with gold-colored metallic straps. They also wore large dark oval shaped helmets with dark visors. Their faces were not visible.

In eerie metallic-electronic sounding voices the strangers ordered the witnesses to step out of the car. The child remained sleeping in the back seat. One of the men took a long thin metallic tube with a mirror like tip and examined the vehicle. The figures asked the witnesses how they got there and then looked at the sleeping child inside. They then held a short conversation in a grave guttural language resembling German. One of the "men" then left the area and a blue pickup truck now arrived at the scene. Two men wearing blue coveralls were in the vehicle and spoke in Spanish to the witnesses, again asking them how they got there. The men then looked at the child and commented something in a low tone of voice to the strange figure in black that remained on the scene.

At that moment Freddie noticed a glint of light coming from what appeared to be a rectangular shaped hollowed out area in the nearby wooded slope of a hill. There appeared to be several huge glass like doors and inside there was a disc shaped object, that was encircled in rectangular shaped windows and was 30 ft in diameter, it appeared metallic & aluminum in color. Thinking that he was seeing something he was not supposed to see, he quickly averted his gaze. The men did not appear to notice that Freddie had seen anything. The men in the blue pickup then ordered the couple and their child to follow them out of the area in their vehicle. They were quickly escorted out onto the main road.

Source: Jorge Martin, Vieques Poligono Del Tercer Tipo

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