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Thursday, December 09, 2021

Experiencer Describes Shapeshifter Encounters & Manifestations

A Lancashire woman recalls a few bizarre incidents, in which she witnessed a walking Reptilian being, and acquaintances shapeshift or manifest into non-human entities.  

The following account has been circulating on the internet for a while. Here is the condensed version I have put together:

"Approximately a decade ago, I had worked an evening shift and was leaving work in Hutton, Preston, Lancashire. I have never forgotten this incident and what I saw that night. It was a typical winter evening, quiet out and no people were around anywhere. The area was deserted, as it always was outside the normal working hours of 8 AM and 6 PM. It was about 8.10 PM and it was a dark winter’s evening. I was alone and exhausted; looking forward to getting home. I got in my car and drove out of the deserted car park.

The place I worked at is just off the A49 and close to the roundabout on Saunders Lane, which is lit by street lamps with houses on one side of the road. An ordinary winter night at the end of a very ordinary day. There was quite a substantial mist that had formed in the evening, which is not uncommon as the area is quite rural and there are lots of surrounding fields. This was in the northwest of the UK, so its quite normal for fog or mist in winter.

I drove out of the car park, stopping at the ‘give way’ sign at the exit, intending to turn right into the next lane in order to head towards home. On looking left, to check if the road was clear before pulling out, my attention was caught by a large figure sauntering in the middle of the lane coming towards me.

It was a huge, hideous, sneering upright Reptilian being. It was about 8 foot high or more. It was honed to the peak of physical perfection. It was very fit. I would even say it was sculpted and lean. It was unmistakably an intensely powerful predator entity. I had no doubt about that. It seemed to be male, and had a Reptilian face, with scales on its skin. There seemed to a definite telepathic element to the whole experience. I could feel it feeding off the sheer terror I was experiencing, and also enjoying it.

Once I had managed to get my wits together, which took quite a few seconds, I drove off. I had a clear, uninterrupted view of this creature, for several seconds, and my view was aided by the street lamps. I am very definite in what I saw that night. I would love to find anyone else who has experienced this type of being here in the UK.

This is not the first experience I have had in that area with something that manifested or shape shifted.

I am unable to give you dates because I was in such a state. I had to put all of these events on the backburner. I had no idea what was going on and I could tell no one. I did tell my sister, I think, because she could be trusted. It was literally years later that I realised they had actually occurred, shapeshifting and what that meant.

The first time it ever happened was at a friend’s house. There were a few of us, not drinking alcohol or taking drugs or anything like that. We were just sat around chatting. One of the friends of my friend whose house it was, was a short, slender male, about fortyish at the time. I had chatted to him a few times and he was a nice enough chap, chatty and friendly. He was also a little odd, not in a bad way, and talked constantly of UFOs, aliens, and other stuff of that nature. On this occasion, he happened to be sitting on the couch, when I saw him instantaneously switch into an upright human-like lizard being. Its colouring was very light with light brown patches on it. I stared at it for about 5 seconds. It then instantly switched back. I was so astounded, that I said to him, ‘You just turned into a lizard then!’ To which he replied, laughing, ‘Sometimes, I think I am a lizard.’ The moment passed and it was never mentioned again.

We lost contact when the crowd, we were in sort of, dissolved when our joint friend moved away. I tried to contact this male recently, having finally processed that he was a shape shifter, but he would not respond back.

The second incident happened during a weekday at lunchtime. I was at work and eating lunch. I sat next to a woman called Anne, who was eating her lunch also. We were sitting at work stations and were effectively shoulder to shoulder. We weren’t talking, but I suddenly noticed that Anne was pushing food into her mouth with both hands. She was literally stuffing food in her mouth as fast as she could. I felt a horrible sense of fear traveling down my spine. I knew something was very wrong. It was like an eating frenzy and very out of character. ‘Anne,’ who I had known for years, who normally ate like a cat, with very measured portions and tiny mouthfuls that she would carefully savor. She was, however, very overweight, which seemed at odds with her very controlled manner when consuming food

Now fully aware that something was going on, I gently turned my head to my right, very slightly, to afford a better view of this strangeness. Right beside me was what I can only describe as a khaki brown obese upright human like ‘toad’ thing. That’s the best I can do to build a picture for you. This thing, which had a huge toad like wide mouth, was still using both ‘hands’ to stuff food in. It would be impossible for anything human to chew that food and then swallow it at that continuing speed and that quantity. I looked for a few seconds, quietly turning my head back and then sitting there, motionless and speechless, in shocked silence. The next time I had cause to look at her, she was normal again. It was never mentioned and ‘Anne’ seemed completely unaware of what had happened

On all the occasions I these experiences, the switch was instant with no warning signs, no blurring of the edges, no sounds, nothing. They just switched. It is the most bizarre thing." Name Withheld

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