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Sunday, December 05, 2021

Emaciated 'Pale Humanoid' Observed Near St. Augustine, Florida

A teen and their mother were driving at night near St. Augustine, Florida when a emaciated pale humanoid with huge eyes was seen crouching along the road.

I recently came across the following account:

"This happened back in summer of 2013 when I was thirteen. My mom and I were in Florida visiting my grandma and aunt. After spending the week or so at grandma's place in Odessa we drove north to St. Augustine to spend the next week at a hotel by the beach and visit with my aunt as well.

On the second night there we were driving to pick up my aunt who was working the night shift at Denny's. On the drive, there was a guy walking down the road with his back facing us with a backpack and all. Possibly homeless. It was dark and right by a stretch of woods so my mom doesn't see him at first and nearly hits him. When she notices and swerves to avoid the vehicular manslaughter charges, I look out the window to see who this guy is.

Nothing about the guy walking seemed out of the ordinary. It's what I saw behind him that still sticks with me.

It was this humanoid creature that was crouched down, looking like it might have already been eating something. Keep in mind I was in a moving vehicle so I couldn't get the best look at it, but it almost looked to have old ripped up clothes on and a bit of hair on it's head, like a human. But it's eyes...they were huge! They glowed too like when you see an animals eyes looking at you at night. When it looked up it snarled and I could almost see it's teeth. They looked sharp, like they could bite right through you with no effort. It's skin was almost white with a tint of green and looked skinny and long. Knee's up to it's head when crouching. It had to have been no more that 10 feet away from the pedestrian walking on the side of the road.

It took me a minute to register what the fuck I just saw and if it was even what I thought it was, which I still, almost nine years later couldn't tell you. I was just quiet and in shock for the rest of the night. My mom, aunt and I when back to the hotel room, they drank and caught up while I just tried to watch tv and not think about what I saw that night. I still don't know what I saw. My knowledge on Florida cryptids is very limited." BB

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