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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Dark Gray Bigfoot Recently Encountered Outside of Pittsburgh, PA

A resident of suburban Pittsburgh, PA recently had an encounter with a dark gray hairy hominid, supposedly a Bigfoot, in their backyard. The being was has tall as the utility shed it was was standing beside.

I received the following information today:

"Good morning! My name is Aaron and I live just outside of Pittsburgh. Thursday night (Friday morning 12/10/2021) around 1AM I was loading up the back of my truck to take the trash down to the end of my driveway for the morning. As I was doing this I kept hearing load branches breaking, cracking. What sounded like a very large animal walking in my backyard (directly in front of my truck). Seeing how we live in a farmhouse with 28+ acres of land and having black bears, I turned my low beams on and noticed something standing upright by my old wood shed in the backyard. I go and turn on my high beams and that's when I saw it. A dark gray bipedal animal. Stood as tall as my shed. It just stood there staring at me, like it was studying me.

I ran back into the house to grab my shotgun. Not to hurt it, but for my own protection just in case. But when I came back out, it was gone. I believe in Bigfoot. And I believe I saw Bigfoot in my backyard.

Before I bought this farmhouse, it was vacant for over 4 years. And living on 28+ acres that some doesn't even get touch. I honestly believe it made a home in this area. And from the research I've gathered the older the Bigfoot the grayer is hair. 

I plan on going out today to look for evidence. If you'd like me to keep you updated, just respond in the response email letting me know.  Thank you for your time." AN

NOTE: I plan to keep track of this sighting and to get more specific information. The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team is investigating. Any updates will be posted here. Lon

UPDATE: The sighting took place in Jefferson, PA (Greene County). An investigator has been assigned. Lon

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Thanks. Lon Strickler

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