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Saturday, December 04, 2021

'Cherokee Devil': Legendary Bigfoot Encountered in Perry County, Tennessee

A Linden, Tennessee widow describes her encounter with the 'Cherokee Devil,' a legendary Bigfoot known to inhabit the area. Have you had a similar experience? Please forward to me.

I recently received the following account:

"I moved to Linden, Tennessee (Perry County) a year ago with my kids. A widow just trying to live off the grid on a homestead. We would hear howls, knocks and such, but thought nothing of it. The locals refused to come to our little homestead. Eventually we did find someone who would deliver hay, but only at daylight hours. Occasionally we will see a white blur or have a heavy rock land our way, but nothing serious. However, a new neighbor moved in about 20 acres down from us. This neighbor is having horrendous events happen on their property. Dead animals, damaged property and such. They have come to us asking us to check it out. I have and can not explain what is terrorizing them. However, they do drink and smoke a lot, so I chopped it up to that.

My son mentioned it to the local man he works with. The man turned and looked him straight in the eye and told him, "It's the Cherokee Devil." I had to look that one up. We just kind of blew it off until Spring hit this year. We were walking the creek on our property and decided to split up to find the spring feeding it. My 22-year-old son begins waving and saying, "Hey, wait up for me." I look and realize he is not facing towards me. I look and swear I see what looks like a whitish/grayish Bigfoot turn and head towards my son! I yell to my son, "Hey, I'm over here and that's not me." My son books it to me because I have the gun and I'm mama. The thing looks at me and just stares. I tell it, "Leave us alone and we will leave you alone. I have no issues with you. Just with people!"

I don't want people coming here, trying to hurt it because it has never touched any of my animals. If any of our animals pass away due to weather or such we throw the carcass to where we know it sleeps. I am just curious if you have heard of this creature and what you can tell me about it." B

I received the following update:

"It is crazy. I read the link and information you forwarded. I have spoken with local Cherokee here and they seemed surprised that it has left me alone. The gravel haulers have what's called a churn pit here. Apparently, this "Devil" has busted up their equipment and damaged dump trucks to the point of them having to replace several. They have placed traps and security and haven't caught it yet (I hope they don't). I noticed it only starts up when they start dynamiting the ridge. Sorry, but I'm rooting for the Cherokee Devil." B

NOTE: According to Cherokee folklore, the Tsul 'Kalu (the slant-eyed or sloping giant), also known as the Cherokee Devil, is a legendary figure of Cherokee mythology who plays the role of "the great lord of the game" (i.e. master of the hunt), and as such is frequently invoked in hunting rites and rituals.

He is said to dwell in a place called Tsunegun'yi. The words Tsul and Tsune and their variations appear in a number of Cherokee place names throughout the Southeastern United States, especially in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.

Linden, Tennessee is located further west from the usual areas where the Cherokee Devil is said to exist. Lon

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