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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Bigfoot & Skunk Ape Encounter Accounts

3 Bigfoot / Skunk Ape encounters in Orange County, Florida, Hoosier National Forest, Indiana, and the Texas panhandle. Do you have a Bigfoot encounter or sighting report? Feel free to forward to me.

I recently came across the following accounts:

Wekiwa River, Florida - just past Wekiwa Island Bar. (used to be Wekiwa Marina) - Early June 1983 - 1:30 pm

"A few days after school let out (I was 14). My buddy and I were bored and decided to go canoeing on the Wekiwa River(I live about a mile or so away). We're about a mile into the trip when he said I have a lefty I want to smoke. The river was crowded so we went to looking for a place to partake. We found a backwater on the Orange County side just past Shell Island (where river forks and comes back together past the marina). We paddled down the offshoot a good 100 yards until we couldn't go anymore into the swamp. We were in the canoe when he fired it up. When he did he started coughing. As soon as he coughed this palmetto about 20 yards to our right "explodes" and this 6'+ reddish-brown, long matted hairy thing RUNS ON 2 LEGS into the swamp crashing and banging all the way until it was out of ear shot!

We looked at each other and said 'WTF WAS THAT!!!' We decided to go over to the bush. Half-way there the stench hit (wet dog mixed with skunk at the city dump on a hot august day is the best way to explain it. It was so bad it made me gag). When we got to the bush we saw the approx. 16" 5-toe footprints going into the swamp. These prints were 2 1/2" deep in the muck where our prints were only 1/2" deep. We got the hell out of there." DM


"Pretty sure I ran into a Bigfoot while mountain biking in the Hoosier National Forest near Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana.

I was riding on a remote trail by myself and something started growling and throwing big 10lb and larger big rocks at me. They were flying 60-70 yards through the air. It tossed probably 4-5 of them. Then it was beating on a tree a few times, then is went scary quiet.

By that time I had already gotten off of my bike and gotten my Glock out of my Camelback MULE and took position and got ready to fire. I never saw anything just projectiles, some growls and movement about 70 yards away from me in the thick undergrowth and brush.

I was a Marine and I grew up hunting. Don't know what this was and the only thing I can think of was a Sasquatch. No man could through those rocks at that distance.

It freaked me out and I never went in that part of the forest ever again. That was in 1998 and I still go hiking there on occasion but never in that section. I learned that I wasn't the only person who had similar experiences in the Hoosier National Forest.

My logical side says no f**king way that was a Bigfoot, but what else could it have been? I'm a strong guy and I couldn't dream of launching rocks that big that far. I was benching 365 at that time in my life and couldn't come close to that feat of strength..

Everything else I can explain with reason, but not the rocks. I tried to duplicate that and I couldn't. I have had some other weird sh*t occur in the woods, but this is the creepiest thing I have ever had happen to me." CG


"It was around 1966, I was a boy of about 12 years old and we lived in a trailer park on the out skirts of Wolfforth, Texas which is near Lubbock, Texas in the Texas panhandle. Both the front and back doors of the trailer house were on the same side and opened into our front yard. The opposite side of our trailer house had only windows and no door and was on a unpaved road running through the trailer park. My bedroom had a small 2’ wide by 1’ tall window about 5 feet off the ground in this wall. My desk was just under the window. Like most trailer houses back then the windows cranked out from the bottom so if they were open it was hard for rain to come in. Our windows were open every night except in winter.

Late one night I woke and heard something outside my window. I got up, climbed up on my desk and pulled the curtain aside. Staring in at me was a white Bigfoot. He was probably about 2 feet from the window and his head was about even with the top of the window which would have made him somewhere about 8’ tall. We stood there eye to eye for what seemed like hours, but was probably seconds and he turned and walked away. I got up very close to the window to try to see where he went but couldn’t see but a few feet down the trailer. I stayed listening and looking for several minutes then climbed down and sat on my bed. Eventually I fell asleep.

I never told my folks about it because I knew it was not something that anyone would believe. I was advanced for my age and while not aware of how the world worked, I knew how my world worked and I would not be believed. At this time, Bigfoot was not generally talked about. It was several years later that “The Legend of Boggy Creek” came out and more of us general people began to hear about them. A few years ago I got to thinking about the experience and started doing a little searching on the internet. I found some websites that listed Bigfoot sightings and found out that white Bigfoots have been sighted in Eastern New Mexico, the Texas panhandle and north Texas as well as in Oklahoma." MC

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