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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Unexplained Experiences: NDE, Time-Slips, Bi-Location, or Possible 'Mandela Effect?'

7 unexplained incidents that could have been near death experiences, time-slips, bi-location, and/or possibly a form of 'Mandela Effect.' Have you had a similar incident?

The following incidents were recently forwarded to me:

“I've never read much into the ME (Mandela Effect) although I've agreed with most of the examples. I only just now heard the whole dying theory and it reminded me that my car was totaled back in college. Moments leading up to it I saw a car merging into me, I was hit, the car spun out of control... but my memory ends just before the collision. The next thing I know, my car is totaled but I wasn't hit by another car. I had hit the barrier, which I don't remember, and flung across all 4 lanes, which I don't remember, to end up at the side of the road waking up to people, police, and eventually an ambulance. Everyone saw the car go out of control but the only explanation was that I did it by accident. I've been confused and frustrated by this accident ever since not understanding how it happened if that car didn't hit me.

Of course the obvious answer is I'm just a shitty driver. But what if I actually was hit, I died, got flung into a new universe and the transfer made me crash my car and gained consciousness only after the cops arrived (although I was never reported as unconscious it's just where my memory picks up). It would explain the accident. I died and ended up in a new universe.

I've been trying to think of anything changed and while writing this I couldn't come up with a single difference until just now. My significant other at the time had been a real ass for a while but that all changed around the time of the accident. It was like he was a different person but I never really thought about why that might have been. We're long over at this point but still this accident haunts me because WTF? Although I really wonder sometimes if maybe we don't even realize it but maybe we're in purgatory or I don't know where, but would we even know if we were?” AB


“I have a weird feeling that I died and had a memory of it but it didn’t happen. When I was little I was sitting on a rocking horse my mum made for me. I remember my brother pushing it was too far and I didn’t stop him, it tipped a bit and I fell, right onto the window sill and hit my head. I died. But then I was on the horse, staring at the spot and stopped my brother as he went to push. My mum walked in and said to be careful that I didn’t fall off. Then I went on as if it didn’t happen but occasionally would get flashbacks of it. I don’t know if it was just a more vivid than usual intrusive thought or what but it was really weird to say the least.” E


“I'm pretty sure I died of alcohol poisoning a few years ago. I was going through a dark time and really over doing it, I passed out in front of the toilet, practically naked and sweaty, vomiting like crazy. Could NOT stand up. Next thing I knew, I was awake in my bed and it was the morning. I was wearing different, clean clothes and was not sweaty or gross at all. I felt perfectly fine, no hangover or headache or even thirst. I was living alone at the time and was single, so there was nobody that would have come in and taken care of me. I was obviously really confused, but mostly just happy to avoid the hangover. Since then, things have seemed... off. Like a dream almost or like a TV show I happen to be living in. It all feels fake and distant to me.” CH


“I was pushed into traffic by a sociopathic kid in my neighborhood when I was about 12 or so. From my perspective my head should have gone under the tire of a large SUV, but miraculously I watched as the SUV drove away from me despite the fact that I was clearly laying in the path of its tires. Sometimes I wonder if my parents found my body with my head crushed in the middle of the street. But like someone said below, if this is purgatory it's seriously not as bad as I was told growing up.

I definitely felt like my life had changed a lot afterwards (when I started feeling like things weren't playing out how they should). Though, if this is purgatory or something, then I suppose it makes sense to be struggling, trying to learn lessons and overcome past demons.” S


“In the summer 2020 I had a very traumatic NDE. Last august I went rafting with a group of friends. I cannot swim and I’m deathly terrified of large bodies of water. I didn't want to go, but they insisted I tagged along. Sure enough, I slip out my raft and tried swimming back to it, but felt like I was pulled underwater. couldn't feel the ground and I felt like I kept sinking lower while flailing around for a full minute. I blinked and next thing I know I’m holding onto a rock on the side of the river with some kind strangers pulling me onto their boat. Ever since, I have felt super weird. The world seems darker and cold, and I’ve never even known about Mandela Effects until just last year when all my TikTok and YouTube videos were talking about it. It just feels like since coming back up for air my life has begun a new era and it's all confusing." OA


“I walked around with a widow maker heart attack for 36 hours. Always thought I didn't make it, during the helicopter ride between hospitals. I am eerily calm about death since the incident. I have been noticing Mandela Effects since. I have also noticed differences inside my house. Stuff I own, that I swear we never owned. Husband swears it has been there forever. Small stuff, like the patterns on our dressers are different  owned them 10 years, so not new. No other explanation." M


“The most paranormal event in my life involved a NDE and a sense that I shifted into a parallel universe. I was about 20 years old and driving on the highway one afternoon. This was South Dakota where the speed limit is 80 mph, so naturally I would have been going about 85 mph or so on cruise control. I was sleepy. My eyelids got heavy and I woke up when my car went onto the shoulder and was heading towards a ditch and a reflector post. I sharply corrected which caused my car to spin out, all wheels on the ground, with the car spinning around like a clock hand. Everything slowed down Matrix-style. I started doing things with my hands and feet that don't make any sense to me. It was purely automatic, even though I had only been driving for a year or two at that point and never spun before. I was just, doing stuff. The car spun around a couple of times and everything was just a blur outside of the car.

When all was said and done the car straightened out pointing in the right direction but now was going pretty slow because of lost momentum. I didn't hit anyone or anything. (To be fair, this was in South Dakota so no traffic, but still there were certainly other cars on the highway with me.) Anyway, the car straightened out and gently rolled into a ditch. I was in shock. I got out to check for damage on myself and the car. No damage. I got back in the car, reversed back onto the highway, and drove the rest of the way home.

Immediately after this happened all I could think was that I died or got brutally maimed in a bunch of alternate universes, but somehow I ended up in the one where the car perfectly corrected itself without further harm. I've seen some theories about some kind of giant time wheel that lets you navigate similar parallel worlds. Similar to what you're talking about. It resonates with me based on my personal experience even though I generally a skeptical and scientific person.” AL

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