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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Possible Abduction by Small Pale Humanoid in Invergarry, Scotland

A Scottish woman observes a small thin pale humanoid with black eyes in a room she didn't recognize. She is soon transported back to her bedroom several hours later.

I recently received the following account:

"One night in March 2020, in my home near Invergarry, Scotland, I woke up in the middle of the night around 1-2 am. I had an overwhelming feeling of fear that I could not shake. I felt like someone was in our house or something was wrong. I really felt terrified. My first instinct was 'OMG. My kids!' Then I noticed our bedroom was pitch black, which is very unusual for us. Normally I have the TV on in our room all night with the volume down low (I don't like to sleep without TV on).

So I sat up fast in my bed and went to grab the sky control's from in between me and my partner, (this is where I always leave them). So I could get some light in the room, to see where I was going to get the bedroom light on, which was at the other end of the room. I wanted to check the house for intruder's or just peace of mind. (I've had weird feelings, or I can sense things sometimes when others don't, this has happened entire life)

Just as I grabbed the TV remote everything changed. Almost like a glitch? It was like I blinked and I found myself laying down in bed again. But now I'm on my left hand side facing towards my partner. But I couldn't see him and I was in a room I didn't recognise. It was dimly Iit and the light was almost rose coloured. I could see details on the ceiling (or what I took to be the ceiling/roof).

I tried to sit up again, but I was frozen. I couldn't move a thing. I could only move my eyes. I looked up to my right where I noticed a pale (sort of off white coloured) hand that had four very long thin fingers that were above my head. Then the hand pulled away from me quickly. I freaked out. I tried to scream for my partner again, but I couldn't get any words out. More and more panic set in as I continuously attempted to scream for help. Then I looked towards my feet and I saw a small thin humanoid figure with black eyes looking at me. I couldn't see any clothing on it? The humanoid felt as if it was female, but that's just the feeling I got from it. This scared me even more?

On seeing this being/humanoid at my feet, I tried to scream more and louder but I couldn't get a word out or move a muscle. Like before I could only move my eyes. Then all I remember was opening my eyes again and seeing my partner back beside me in bed and in my bedroom. I looked at the time and it was around 6.15 am. I told my partner what I had experienced, I also told my father. They both felt maybe I was dreaming or maybe I was suffering with sleep paralysis. I've experienced sleep paralysis a couple of times as a child. It was not the same, this experience was different. The whole event felt real and very different.

I've experienced weird things my whole life. I've been able to sense some things that others can't.

I know this sounds mad, but it felt real and was not a bad dream or sleep paralysis. I still see that room clear in my head. I remember all of the details on the ceiling/roof." Name Withheld

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