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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Otherworldly UFO Maneuvers Over Claiborne County, Mississippi

A Claiborne County, Mississippi woman describes a series of bright orbs that she witnessed near her home, the orbs formed into a triangle and performed otherworldly maneuvers. 

I recently received the following account:

"Back in 1979 I was living a few miles south of Reganton, Mississippi (Claiborne County) in a little tin-roofed three-roomed house with my husband. We lived in a forest of mixed timber near the Big Black River. Had a little evening job in Vicksburg, Mississippi waiting tables at the Old Biscuit Company Restaurant. He was working down at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station as a surveyor while it was being built.

One night, I left work around midnight and stopped by the old A&P store on Fisher Ferry Road and did a little shopping. By 1:30 AM, I'm finally driving up the long gravel driveway and pull up in front of the house. I immediately notice three bright lights approaching an area a mile or so northwest of the house. It's a clear, moonless late summer night, so I'm thinking it's the National Guard doing night maneuvers in helicopters. These guys often flew over the house way back then when practicing their skills at soldiering during the two-week National Guard training. Anyway, I parked my big old 1972 Ford LTD and immediately get out to unload the bags of groceries. I notice the lights meet up and form a triangle about a mile or two away, but didn't pay it any attention. I was tired and wanted to get the groceries unloaded so I could get to bed.

It took about three trips out to the car to get the groceries in the house. A dollar went a whole lot further in the 70s than it does now so there was at least six paper bags worth of groceries. As I'm standing in front of the car holding the last two bags, I noticed the lights are more like big orbs than regular helicopter lights. Having never seen this before, I stood there for a moment when the three lights pulled slowly away from each other at a forty-five degree angle from the direction they had came from. Then the orbs of light turned again another forty-five degree angle and suddenly shoot off away from each other. Within a couple of seconds, they are gone. I'm standing there with my mouth wide open not believing what I just saw. Totally dumbstruck.

I'm thinking that no way was a human being inside whatever those orbs of lights were. The take off would have slammed a human against the wall and killed him instantly. I would learn decades later that spacecraft create inertia dampening fields around them and that's how come they can shoot off so fast, turn spectacular corners and not crash or have the passengers inside killed by the G-forces. Also, I learned that I'm not the only one who has witnessed such an event either. There was no sense of missing time and the time it took me to get off from work, the shopping, and the long drive from Warren County, MS to my home in Claiborne County, MS was right on track. No time gaps at all, so I'm sure I wasn't abducted.

I haven't seen anything like that since, but a co-worker of mine saw something similar late one evening as he was driving away from Bolton, Mississippi, a nearby town. This was about ten years ago. He actually saw a gray-colored saucer shaped space craft hovering at tree top level following him and his passenger along one of the very rural back roads. He's a stand up guy and I've known him for decades, so I have no doubt he spoke the truth.

I believe UFO sightings are going to become more and more a common occurrence as time goes on." WW

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