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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Late-Night Encounter With The Unknown

A man is traveling late at night when he confronted with a scary situation with several dark figures. Not sure if it was a paranormal event, but frightening nonetheless.

I recently came across the following account:

"About almost two years ago today, one of my ex's daughters was driving back to Texas from North Carolina where she and her husband were stationed in 2008. They were a young couple and were wed at a small service held at her mother's house prior their departure to North Carolina. She decided to to come home to Texas for a "break" to visit her family whom she hadn't seen in over a year, though we all knew the real reason was she needed a respite from the stress at home.

She was travelling alone on the 21-hour journey but had one of her dogs to keep her company. About 6-7 hours into her trip, she started developing some mechanical failures (headlight, engine overheating) and conveyed to her mother her concerns. Being about an hour away in Atlanta, I told her mother I would meet up with her at a location where I could assess her situation and provide assistance even though it was already getting late into the evening. She didn't have the luxury of GPS and relied pretty much on landmarks around her to give me an idea of where she was.

It took me a little longer than I would have liked to locate her, but I was within 30 minutes of her location and it was a little after 11 PM. My GPS unit was routing me through the city of Decatur and I was hitting stoplight after stoplight. I decided at the next light, I would check my GPS to see if there was a faster route by avoiding the stoplights. The area I was in at the time was the industrial part of town. There were train tracks running parallel to my route on my left with street lamps evenly spaced about 50 yards between each other. The lights spilled their usual orange light into the night with pitch black darkness alternating until the next light. This is key since the light I was stopped at was in between street lamps. The only significant source of illumination was my GPS unit followed by my dash and headlights.

As I started to look for an alternate (faster) route, the hairs on my neck stood straight up and an uneasy feeling started abruptly and intensified within 10-20 seconds of me stopping. My body was trying to get my attention about something imminent. At that moment, I looked up and adjusted my eyes my surroundings scanning left to right. To my left, initially it was pitch black, then I panned across in front of me then to my right. That's when I saw 2 shadowy figures standing near the bus stop which was about 5-8 feet from the passenger door. I focused by looking away a little, then at them directly to get a read on their facial expressions and movements. I sensed something sinister was afoot as their faces appeared tense and cold; what tipped me off was the rapid movement of one of the guys to some-thing/one across the street. I then scanned my eyes peripherally to the left and noticed that there was a man who I didn't notice earlier because of my eyes were not yet acclimated to the low-level light situation and was about 3-4 feet away and seemed to be slowly getting closer and closer to the driver door. All the while, I was still holding the GPS in my left hand and was below my face, but pretty much illuminated my expressions and my thinking was if I didn't react quickly, they would try to take advantage of the situation.\

I had two things going for me: 1) all doors were locked, and 2) I had my pistol in my center console ready to go. For a split second, because we were all in close quarters, I could pull my gun quickly from the console and defend myself if they forced their way into the truck by breaking the glass, etc. Keep in mind, it seemed like forever sitting at the light but in reality was probably 2-3 minutes. The light was still red and because I didn't know if any of the men were armed and since they were both on my flanks, I was at a severe disadvantage no matter how quick I could pull my gun. It was at that moment where I told myself "F--- this, I'm leaving!" and hit the gas and ran the red light with no hesitation whatsoever.

As soon as I ran the light, they apparently had ran up the street some and I could see the 3 of them in the middle of the street watching me drive away like a bat out of hell. After taking a few minutes to calm down and assessing the gambit of the "what could of/would of happened" scenarios in my head, I ended up linking with my ex's daughter and got her and her vehicle taken care of and back on her trip home.

ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Always keep your head up, keep your situational awareness, and occasionally check your rear. By doing this, it significantly increases your chances of getting out of the jam like I was in by allowing you to thinking more efficiently and keeping cool without alarming your "would be" predators. Stay safe." B

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