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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lanky Pale Humanoid Encountered Near Saskatchewan Home

A Saskatchewan, Canada resident describes an encounter that they had with a pale lanky humanoid crawler near their home. Have you had a similar encounter?

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"My great uncle owns a lot of land in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Some of this was pasture that he uses for cattle, but half of one of his largest properties is fenced off and the cows cant go there. In the sectioned off lactose free zone the entire place is densely packed with foliage. The ground itself is blotted with some small steep hills towards the entrance to the property. There is one main dirt road that goes from a Texas gate at the entrance all the way back to the farthest side of the property. Coming off the road in the hilly area we have a camp. The camp consists of an ATCO trailer.

We've always had lots of wildlife, like big cats and bears that could harm people (I actually had to put down a bear that came into our camp and was far too comfortable with people not too too long after). I learned to recognize the sounds and sights around me and, while cautious, I'm rarely afraid of anything out there. Regardless of the seemingly lack of disturbances we always were careful at night making sure to have a bright light and keep lookout for anything. 

After the first week we began hearing noises around the camp very late at night that would drive the dog insane all night, to the point we just had to keep her inside. It almost felt like whatever it was was probing and checking out our camp nightly but always staying far enough away and hidden enough that we could never see it with our spotlights.

Then one night, I left my mother's camper a couple hours after the daylight had disappeared with a lantern style led light. I didn't have anything to defend myself (no gun, no bear spray, not even a knife) so I was a little bit more cautious and observant than usual given I felt more vulnerable. As I walked from the exit of my mom's camper I looked around for a minute scanning the tree line. I then began the loop around to my door. I panned as I walked from right to left from the entrance to the fire pit and then to the table.

It was there, just behind the table not 20 feet away that I saw a naked extremely pale almost grey lanky humanoid figure standing still and directly facing me. As it caught my gaze I felt my heart drop and immediately went cold. I probably only stared for 3 seconds at most, but it felt like several minutes as my brain processed what I was seeing. It stood somewhere between 6.5 and 7.5 feet tall with low slumped shoulders and had a frail thin body that reminded me of photos from the holocaust, but with disproportionately long limbs.

I ran like my life depended on it, the last few feet to my door. Once inside I grab the shotgun, stuffed several shells in my pocket loaded the gun aimed it at the door. I sat in silence with the hammer walked back waiting for the door knob to turn or the frosted glass to break. I sat and waited for hours into the early morning expecting to see or hear something, but I never did. Not even any foliage moving or items moving. Eventually around 4 AM, I lowered my guard, propped the shotgun next to my bed and hesitantly went to sleep. When I woke up I hardly believed in what I seen the night before. I was around the area to see if there was any shapes or items that I could've mistaken and warped in my mind.

I'm not really sure what I saw, but I know it wasn't human. The photos and drawings of these crawlers reminded me a great deal of it. So I thought I'd share maybe one of you could enlighten me as to what it could've been doing or its intent or provide an explanation to its behaviour." G

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