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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

'Guardian Angel' Appears Along Rocky Oregon Coast

Two kids are exploring the rocks along the Oregon coast when they are soon accompanied by an old man and his dog. After the kids walk away from the dangerous rocks, the man and dog simply vanish.

I recent came across the following account:

"When I was growing up my grandmother would rent a beach house on the Oregon coast and take the whole family every year. If you have ever been to the NW coast you know it has large rock cliffs jutting into the ocean. I have always loved climbing these rocks and going out onto them to watch the ocean.

Anyways, one year when I was around 10, my cousin and I decided we wanted to go for a walk. So, after getting permission, we headed out up the road. Before long we found a trail that was fairly overgrown leading in the direction of the coast. We decided to head up the trail and see what we could. This trail winded though the dense vegetation and in the sandy path we could see many foot prints. Before long we exit the trail and find ourselves on top of one of the cliffs far enough into the ocean that we surrounded on 3 sides by water.

We are very excited with our discovery and quickly start climbing all over the rocks. A very short time later we notice this old man looking every bit the casual beach go-er with a bright blue windbreaker, grey dockers, bushy beard, and little white dog. I get the feeling looking at him that he is a very friendly guy...kind of looked like Santa. He meanders over and says 'hi!' and tells us to be careful up on these cliffs seeing as how it is so windy (easily 30mph winds). 

My cousin and I proceed to keep exploring and this guy follows us, standing close by as we make our way around. We are being pretty stupid and running and jumping on these sharp wet rocks, leaning over the edge of the cliff to watch the water spray, etc. all in the high winds. So maybe he is just trying to be responsible. But at one point when we are leaning over the edge watching the ocean we start to get a little nervous and say 'maybe we should head back.' Soon, as we turn around to leave, that guy that had been following us is gone.

We head back up the trail and are talking about that guy. Both of us thought it strange he was gone as soon as we decided to leave and by the time we reach the trail head we are convince he vanished. We turned around and walked back down the trail looking for foot prints left from his dog. We find no sign this guy's dog walked down the trail. There was no other way onto the cliff besides the trail. To this day, I don't know if he decided to carry the dog or if he really had just vanished. I do know that both of us were freaked out after not finding the footprints, and the coincidence of him showing up right after we did and leaving right as we decide to go.

I have always felt he must have been our guardian angel, taking care of two stupid kids playing where they shouldn't have." S

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