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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Flying Manta Rays Observed in the U.S. Northern Plains

A witness in the U.S. Northern Plains discusses their observance of flying Manta Rays and the characteristics noticed during the sightings. Have you had similar sightings?

I recently received the following information:

"I thought I was hallucinating when I first saw them. It seems that not everybody can see them. My kids and I can, my wife cannot.

I have not been able to capture them on camera, and infrared seems to have no noticeable effect on capturing images of them.

The flying Manta Rays are translucent.

They can best be seen at duck and dawn on the higher altitudes, at 6000 feet+. It's like looking for a shiny speak in the sky. You can sometimes see them through scopes or binoculars.

I haven't figured out what they eat, or if they even eat or drink. I haven't seen any signs of reproduction or mating.

They seem to like to play in the wind currents on a lightly breezy day, and play like fish. I think the black, blue and gray colors indicates that they have an illness.

Sometimes they can be seen in the wake of migrating birds, and airplanes.  It seems that they "swim" through the sky and can move at incredible speeds.

Casually, from others, I heard of some large ones that circle over the ocean. I haven't been able to rule out if they are reflections of critters in the sea, or an actual species in the sky. I think there are other types of flying ghost fish-like creatures that swim in the sky.

Attached is map of areas where I had the best luck seeing them." EB

NOTE: EB's observations are very similar to other witnesses, especially the undulating flight movements and occasional translucency observances. Many times, it does seem that only specific individuals are able to see these anomalies, much like the sightings of the winged humanoids.

It is my theory that these are some type of bio-form craft, possibly of an extraterrestrial origin. Your thoughts? Lon  

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Thanks. Lon Strickler

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