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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Did I Encounter The Real 'Men In Black?'

A Lancashire man and his companion, was contacted by supposed students from a local university who were interested in an abduction experience. Were these the real 'Men in Black?'

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"My abduction experience was on the 22nd of October 1991 at approximately 7:45PM local time. The location was Red Rock, a small village surrounded by fields, 3 miles from Wigan Town Centre, and a couple of miles from the start of moors near an area called Winter Hill, Lancashire.

As for the MIBs, well, that is more difficult. For some reason, I did not make a note of the date. I cannot even remember the year! In fact, since my abduction, it’s as if I am not supposed to remember. I believe it may have been 1993.

The contact with the MIBs I mention to you was not the first, but I feel it was the most important. I received a phone call out of the blue from a person purporting to be a student from a nearby university. He said that he had heard a lot about me, and my experiences in ufology. He and a friend of his were very interested in my story and would like to meet me. He sounded genuine, so I said yes.

For whatever reasons they wanted to meet me at Wigan North Western railway station (an Inter City link). All was duly organised and a friend and I (there is no way I was meeting them on my own) waited for their train to arrive.

When the southbound unit arrived, only 5 people alighted, 3 females and two big chaps. When my friend and I saw the blokes we both exclaimed, "No way are we getting involved with them!" It was obviously “them.” They were enormous, very tall, 6' 6" at least. Mean looking, battle-worn, scarred faces and in their mid-twenties. I have never seen meaner looking guys in my life! We kept a low profile and decided not to meet them. They left the railway station and we watched them head into town.

Shortly afterwards, my mobile phone rang and, you've guessed, it was one of "them." He asked where had we got to and why had we not met them. I stumbled over my words for a moment, made a pathetic excuse and told him I was on my way to their location and to give me a minute or so and we could have a coffee with them. He agreed and we plucked up courage and with great trepidation we made our way to their location (We never got to have a coffee, as they were very eager to get on).

They "stuck out like sore thumbs" amongst the average shopper, so it was easy to find them.
I am 6' tall and not easily frightened, but something about those two gave me the creeps. My friend never spoke throughout the introductions and they almost completely ignored him. In fact I got the impression they weren't happy to see him! They gave me their first names but I have completely forgotten them.

One of them appeared to be more "senior." He also appeared to be very dangerous. The other slightly smaller guy, seemed kinder and at first, hardly spoke and listened intently to what his partner was asking me and to my replies.

They had no transport and asked me to take them to the areas were I had had contact with aliens and UFOs. I told them that I had a car, and if they followed me we could get in the car and make our way to the areas in question. Strange as it may seem. They both appeared a little worried at this and for the first time since meeting them I felt more relaxed and in control.

We all got in the car and made our way to the first destination. “They," in turn, bombarded me with questions. Some related to my abduction and sightings experiences, but others about me personally, and what my feelings were about the UK and my opinions as to what the aliens and UFOs wanted. Also, why I thought the aliens were visiting Earth. They took notes continuously and also recorded our conversations on pocket recorders.

It must be said, that in their own way they were quite friendly and courteous. But you could see that "under the surface" they were dangerous individuals. I was also convinced that they were carrying firearms. I cannot explain why I thought they were armed; it was just a "feeling."

On reaching the first location, they took charge, asking me to stand near to the area of the "sighting" whilst they took photographs of me near to the site. They were very thorough and never dropped their guard for a moment. They took a great deal of photographs. They also seemed very interested and at the same time a little bewildered. It was as if they were as baffled by the UFO phenomenon as I was.

I also had the impression that they were "lost." I know it sounds daft, but it was similar to a child who had got separated from a parent in a shopping precinct, utter bewilderment and loss. I started to become more confident, and felt that perhaps it was because it was my car we were travelling in I had some form of control over the situation. I genuinely sensed that they were both unhappy with this. We visited most of the locations in question and spent a number of hours together. I was almost hoarse with answering their questions, but felt I had to.

On returning to Wigan Town Centre, they thanked me and told me to be careful. Then the taller guy said, "Thanks. It’s been very interesting and we are quite happy with you. There's no problem, you won't hear from us again." I thought to myself, what a strange thing to say, what do they mean "happy with you." Anyway, I said, "OK, it’s a pleasure. If you really need to see me again, please feel free to call me." He then said, "There’s no need, we've got all the information we require, we'll catch our train now."

It was then that I had the bright idea to offer them a lift back to their "university." Their mood altered and they became very edgy and nervous. But, I insisted! They very reluctantly agreed and told me to head north on the M6. We got in the car and I deliberately drove like a demon! I felt that I was now in control! And, in the rear view mirror as we travelled at high speed up the M6 motorway, I could see that they were very nervous. If it was because they were “trapped” in my car. I will never know, but they weren't happy.

As we approached the Preston link, one of the exclaimed that they could we drop them off in Preston as they had just remembered a meeting they had arranged there. I reluctantly agreed, pulled up near Preston City Centre, shook their very powerful hands, and that was that.

I have never heard from them or seen them since.

Later, summing up the meeting, I felt that they were just two guys doing a job and for some strange reason I felt sorry for them. I also rang a number of universities, but no one had heard of them!" WGE

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