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Monday, November 15, 2021

Cryptid Canine / Werewolf-Like Humanoid Encountered in North England

A witness in north England observes a werewolf-like or cryptid canine in the garden of their home. Have you had a similar encounter? Feel free to contact me.

I recently came across the following account:

"I live alone in north England and have done for about a year now after breaking up with my ex. It's been mostly great to have my own space in my own house where I'm free to do whatever I want, whenever I want. That said, I spend most of my time in the evenings upstairs playing video games and watching YouTube videos. I don't really have a social life, but that's okay with me.

I've never felt uneasy in my own house, until about a month ago, when I went to the kitchen at night to make a drink. Now, my kitchen is overlooked by my overgrown garden, which is in turn overlooked by some woods. It's a fairly rural neighbourhood and it's very quiet at night, which makes it a friendlier environment for some wildlife to come out. I'll often see foxes and deer, and I've been woken up at night by the scream of a fox at 4am once, and they like to hang around outside the front of my house because there's easy access from there to my back garden and then into the woods.

My kitchen has this big window which looks right into the garden, but at night when the lights are on, I can barely see more than a few feet ahead of the window as it acts sort of like a mirror. Well, on this particular night, the few feet ahead of me that I could see was all this thing needed to make itself visible to me. I hadn't noticed it until I looked up and out of the window after making my drink. It was a bipedal creature, skinny but very tall with hind legs, and had no hair. It sounds ridiculous to say this but it looked similar to the werewolf Lupin transformed into in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, only taller and more humanoid, and its mouth was tiny but protruded, similarly to a canine's. It had no ears from what I could see. It just stayed there looking at me with these completely white, tiny eyes. It's head was tilted to the side and it's bottom jaw was slightly open. I didn't even know how long it had been there, I was in the kitchen for about a minute before I even bothered to look out of the window.

I just froze. You think you can rationalise what you'd do in situations like this, but I was frozen in terror. I was telling myself to move but my body felt icy cold, I couldn't do anything. Eventually, after like 10 seconds (it felt much longer), I managed to move and ran out of the room, not daring to take my eyes off the creature. As I did so, it's head rotated to follow me as I left to the comfort of the upstairs, which was the creepiest thing about it.

Since then, which was about a month ago, I've not gone into my kitchen at night, save for a few necessary occasions. I'm preparing everything I need before it gets dark, and then staying upstairs for the rest of the night. If I absolutely need to go in the kitchen, I'll rush so that I can get out ASAP. That feeling you get when you turn all the lights off before you have to go back upstairs, and feel like you're going to be chased upstairs by some unknown entity? That's the feeling I get when I need to go in my kitchen at night." DB

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