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Friday, October 22, 2021

Strange Night at Lake Monticello, Texas

A Texas man and his friend are at Lake Monticello fishing when they started to notice strange and unexplained figures and objects that would appear and disappear throughout the night.

I found this bizarre account recently:

"My buddy Gilbert and I drove from Dallas, Texas to Lake Monticello one Friday afternoon. Neither of us had a boat, so we sought out good catfish holes bank fishing. This was in the late seventies. We had found this spot a year or so previous and had many trips down there. The spot was a cove and a good place to fish. We got there before dark and my buddy took off walking the bank, bass fishing while I catfished. Right before dark he came back and was spooked for some reason. Now he and I had been fishing partners for years, and have even walked through graveyards to get to a good hole. But we never experienced ANYTHING like we did this night.

I knew Gilbert was spooked but didn’t sense why. He would all of a sudden hear a noise and holler out “Who’s there” or just get nervous. I teased him some until I started to get rattled also. While catfishing, we would see STUFF. There seemed to be eyes glowing from the water. At one point, as the moon was bright that night, we saw eyes and moved closer and could see the outline of 3 bodies in the sand, under the water, at the edge of the bank. We could see them on their backs, one with arms folded and crossing the heart. Mind you, it looked like they were formed by the sand, not bones, but looked EXACTLY like bodies. And they were looking at us with glowing eyes.

As it was winter, we would occasionally go get in my truck and fire up the heater to warm up, and at one point I looked ahead of the truck, at the woods between us and our fishing poles, and saw a man standing there. He looked kind of like the pictures of Jesus, robe and all, looking at the ground. I turned the headlights on and could still see him. I got out of the truck and walked towards him. As I got out, it looked as if he had turned his head to look at another part of the ground. I moved closer and he was gone, nothing there, not even a tree or bush that could have tricked my eyes. Later, during another warm-up, I got out to pee. I was doing my duty when I caught a glimpse of a HUGE black dog standing bout 10’ away, just looking at me. I hurried and jumped in the truck, grabbed a light, and again, nothing there.

We fished all night, both of us being spooked. We kept seeing eyes glowing from the moonlight (or whatever), but once the sun came up, Gilbert took off walking the bank again, and looking back on this episode, he seemed unafraid. I got up and started walking around and was surprised to find HUNDREDS of small skull-shaped objects. They were just flat, white circles, but I could make out the eyes and nose holes as well as the mouth with fangs (looked like a flat dog and cat heads). I moved around to an old pier, and while fishing from it I looked down in the water and saw what looked like moss, but I could see the shape of the arms, both legs (one was gone at the knee), the body, and head, and the eyes were glowing at me. I stuck my rod down in the water and swished it. After the water settled, the object had sunk down further but was still there.

I have since heard that somewhere on the lake there was an old cemetery that had also been used as a dog/cat graveyard and the water had come up over it when the lake was built. I don't know if this is true or not. A guy I worked with in Dallas was from Pittsburg, and small-town southeast of the lake, and when I told him my story, he said as a kid growing up he had heard about a haunted place somewhere in that area (the lake was not built yet when he was kid. Lake Monticello was built in 1972)

Like I said, I have fished there numerous times before this and many times since and never saw anything since. But I think back to certain things, like, walking to the other side of the cove we had to hop a fence on private property and then hop another to get back to the cove, and there are mounds of dirt about 2’ wide and 6’ long that we walked over. Also, I waded out in water one time trying to unsnag my line and stepped into a large rectangular hole and water went up to my waist.

I don't if it is possible to put something in the water to dissolve bones or not. We never saw actual bones, but there was no mistaking the shapes.

I did not really believe in ghosts before this, but I know for sure that WE saw something!" H

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