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Monday, October 25, 2021

Red-Eyed Upright Canine 'Beckons' Ozarks Girl

A pre-teen girl living in the Ozarks is playing outside with the neighbor kids when she notices an upright canine cryptid beckoning her to come to it. It still gives her father chills thinking about it.

A man named Dennis wrote about a strange experience his daughter had:

“This encounter comes from my daughter from my first marriage. Her mother and I were separated by this time and she had remarried. This occurred in 2003 and disturbs me at no end. My daughter was around 11 at the time and she has a brother and sister a few years younger than her. They were living in Ozarks region during the late evening, before sundown, and they lived in a little rural area surrounded by woodland fields.

They were playing hide and seek with a couple of neighbor kids in a little trailer park they were living in. My daughter was hiding by a rabbit hutch near the woodland when she noticed something on the edge of the timber. As she looked, she saw what she described what looked like a wolf at first glance. She then noticed he was standing on two legs and it was crouched and watching her. She said, she did not feel scared at all but was actually comfortable and felt an inviting vibe from it as if she was safe and she wanted to get closer to it and try to pet it. It was black in color and very large with red eyes and she felt like she was it was beckoning her to come over to it. But then her mother just happened to step out of that time and called them into dinner. So she waved at it and ran indoors.

She claims that later her brother and sister and she had all seen it. Her brother was scared and felt threatened. Her sister too felt scared and warned away. I feel like this thing was watching these children and made a selection of which of them it wanted and then tried to coax my daughter to go with it and that scared the living hell out of me. How close was my daughter to becoming another missing person lost forever? It's a thought that still chills my bones.”

Source: Youtuber The Facts By Howtohunt.com, from a video titled: “It Tried To Coax My Child Into The Woods” Uploaded on 7 Sept 2021

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