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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Possible Bigfoot Encounters in La Minerve, Quebec, Canada

1990 and 1993 - La Minerve, Quebec, Canada. Jonathan describes two experiences he had involving a Bigfoot-like creature in the woods around La Minerve, Quebec.

Event 1 - 1990: When Jonathan was six years old, he claims that he was staying at his parent's cabin. It was him, his father, Robert, his mother, and their two friends, Mario and Christina. The cabin was half on the water/half on a hill. It was stilted. It was on a swamp overlooking a lake. The cabin was small and had a round window on the top of the triangle roof. Jonathan's bed was situated away from the living room, and in the room with the window. He would often fall asleep looking at the moon or, if overcast, the top of a fern tree as it swayed. The window was ten feet from the bottom of the cabin, but given the hill, it was another five feet. A regular person would need a good-sized ladder to look inside.

One night, as he lay in bed, Jonathan looked and noticed that the window was black. No moon, no overcast, just black. He thought it strange. As he watched, within about five seconds, he saw a pair of eyes pop up from the bottom of the window and then a nose. The head was 1 foot in diameter round and filled the entire window, just from the top of the eyes to the bottom of the nose. He claims that it reminded him of the creature from the movie “Harry and the Hendersons”. It had big black pupils and its eyes darted around the room, as if curious and looking for something inside. Jonathan didn't breathe as he was too scared. He didn't think the creature could see him. He fell out of bed and crawled army-style to the living room where he alerted his mother.

His father went outside to look and heard something moving through the woods away from the cabin. Mario went outside too but it was gone. While they wouldn't admit it, Jonathan noticed that both his father and Mario seemed spooked by something and stayed up the remainder of the night.

The next day, after catching a few hours of sleep, his father and Mario went across the river and secured a boat. They intended on going out on the lake for the night and fishing and returning it in the morning hopefully before anyone noticed. Jonathan and his mother were standing on the shore as his father and Mario went out on the boat, paddling. It was a full moon and the light helped to illuminate the area. At first, the two men, both pranksters, were joking about there being something in the woods behind Jonathan and his mother, trying to scare them.

Soon, their joking turned deadly serious when they apparently spotted something and began paddling back to shore, freaking out. Jonathan turned and saw an entire row of huge trees suddenly bending as if something massive was coming through the forest. Then Jonathan and his mother, both realizing that the situation was no joke, jumped into the boat and the four paddled out to the middle of the lake where they remained until morning. They did not see anything on the beach but assumed that it was hiding in the trees, watching them. This event would put an end to their excursions back to the camp. His father would not stay another full night thereafter that. 

Event 2 - 1993: Jonathan did not see the creature but was present when it was seen. He was now 9 years old. His father was driving the car and Mario was in the passenger seat. It was night time and they were driving back to the camp. The road was quite treacherous and so the cars usually only went about 45 mph. Mario had his window down and was grabbing at the trees, pulling off leaves, and throwing them at his father. Both were joking around.

At some point, Jonathan's father began screaming for Mario to roll up his window. He swerved sharply in the road causing Jonathan to wake up. Jonathan had been kind of dozing off in the back during the drive. He saw that his father was freaking out and driving extremely fast. When Mario asked what was going on, Jonathan's father insisted that a huge man had been standing on the side of the road with his hand out, as if it was going to high-five Mario's hand as they passed. Mario did not see it, however. Mario thought it might be a hitchhiker but his father was adamant that the figure was too huge and just standing there. Why would somebody be out there in the middle of nowhere, in the forest at night? Jonathan claims that his father was deeply worried about the remainder of the drive. 

Source: The No Such Thing Podcast from a video titled “Jonathan's Bigfoot Encounters in Quebec” aired on 17 Jan 2021

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