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Monday, October 18, 2021

Philadelphia Park: Haunted Car & Spectre Slowly Follow Teen Girls

A group of teen girls are in a Philadelphia, PA park when they observe a black car with the windows rolled down. They look in the car, but later notice a white male spectre driving as it slowly follows them.

I recently came across the following account:

"I'm from Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia has one of the (if not the) biggest in-city park systems in the country. 9000 some acres, in a major city with a long-term crime issue. So I guess I'm not sure if what I remember was creepy people or something else.

Now, it has playgrounds that are just playgrounds, but it also has parks, woods and creeks, bike trails, etc. I much preferred the parks as a kid. I rarely went alone...alone because it was the '90s and my mama was afraid I would get jacked by a crackhead or kidnapped or whatever, or in her words but she let us go in groups of kids or if I took the dog.

Generally I loved it, and the creek, and playing on the train tracks, and all that stuff.

But there were creepy things too. We would find things in the woods. Candles and pit traps dug out in the hiking trails then covered over, stuff like that. Wrecked cars that hadn't been there the last time but were sort of covered over.

But I remember once going to the park with my younger sister and our best friend when we were teens (so we would have been 15 or so) and I just remember feeling watched.

We came out of the woods into a parking lot behind an empty building and there was this black car with a thin gold pinstripe. An old Trans Am, I think, or maybe a Camaro. And it was empty, with the windows rolled down. I did look in it and I didn't see anyone.

My sister, who was the youngest of us, said "that's a mean-looking car." I remember her saying that. We must have walked 20 yards towards it and didn't see anyone in it. But once we three girls were past it, it turned on. My friend said, "keep walking just keep walking!" We did but it followed us at like 3 miles an hour and didn't pass even though we left plenty of room.

My friend said "Jesus Christ." But it didn't sound quite like just a teenage girl cursing if that makes sense.

Finally it went past us and its windows were rolling up as it did. It had really dark tinted windows, but I saw the guy and he was really, really white, and his eyes were so bloodshot I could see it from that far away.

We were out on the street by this point. He went around the block once and came up behind us, and we went into a store and bought ice cream. When we came out he was gone.

My sister said "did you see his eyes?" My friend said, "he looked like he was wearing a mask" but I don't remember that.

I found out later there's been bodies found in the park (I don't know about that part of the park though, but other parts I played in) and Santeria sacrifices as well that the cops can't seem to do anything about." RB

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