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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

'Gollum-Like Humanoid' Observed in Tree in Texas

A young man believes that he witnessed a Gollum-like humanoid in the tree outside his bedroom window. He thought that it was eating something. The next morning, he found half-eaten field mice. 

I recently received the following account:

"Alright, I swear I'm not making this up. When I lived in Texas there was this stormy night. Like, an unusually strong storm. Plenty of lightning and thunder. I had a friend over. I remember playing Morrowind and OG Halo until super late.

I was lying awake and staring out the window and listening to the rain. We had called it a night about an hour before this. There was a tree outside my window with a branch I would sometimes use to get in and out of my room. For privacy reasons. And because my parents were nosey.

In-between some thunder I saw something on the branch outside. A pair of eyes, large and yellow. They just... appeared. Right where I was already staring. In a single instant, just there. A flash of light from the storm lit the tree up. It looked like f*cking Gollum. From LOTR or some sh*t. Gangly and grey with sharp teeth. Long fingers that were holding something moving. I didn't move. I didn't make a sound. Whatever the f*ck it was looked like it was eating something. Then he looked right at me and smiled. A far too human smile. I screamed bloody murder. Woke the whole damn house.

Everyone told me to stop lying about stuff. You had too much caffeine before bed (me and my friend did down 2 twelve pack of soda between us). You were asleep, it was a nightmare. I have no idea if I was seeing things, or it was a trick of the light or anything else it could have been. But I know I was awake. It was during the summer time and I had been staying awake until sun-up for over two weeks at that point.

When I told my friend he was skeptical, but he took my word for it. Our house was surrounded by 20 acres of woods and we had both heard some strange sh*t in those woods. When day broke and the storm let up, we went outside near my window. On the ground right under the branch were some half eaten field mice and tails.

It has been 17 years (2004) since that day, and I still see it in my nightmares sometimes. When I think about what's out there in the dark, I remember the Gollum. Because that's what I've called it ever since." LN

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