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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part XIV


God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part XIV

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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Earth’s Water Canopy:  Ancient and Future

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, being an advocate for creationism over evolution, believed that the Book of Genesis was a literal account of God’s formation of the Earth and all the life that He placed upon it, to grow and multiply, thereby each form fulfilling the measure of its existence within the context of its own species.  Because the evangelist believed every word in that first book of the Bible, this meant that he accepted its account of a “water canopy” that once existed over our planet, before it fell down into the oceans at the time of the Great Flood, greatly expanding them in the process.  

The Southern California evangelist explained the “water canopy,” as found in the Book of Genesis, in the following manner:

“The Bible tells us plainly, there was a great ring of water or ice canopy all around the atmosphere.  In Genesis 1:7, we read that, ‘God made the firmament….  the air, or the atmosphere, and divided the waters on Earth from the firmament, or the ring of ice (water) above the firmament (atmosphere).  God called the firmament Heaven, and God called the dry land Earth.’  

“Job tells us that the sky was a beautiful blue at all times- no storms, cyclones, tidal waves, not even clouds.  For 1,650 years, it never rained.  A mist went up and watered the face of the ground in Genesis 2:6. The great ice canopy melted and fell and the first rainbow appeared in Genesis 9:13.  Before the flood, the light from the Sun was as even and as perfect as God made it and the climate was cool, and the temperature the same all over this planet.  Think of it, at that time, 1/7th of the Earth was covered with water.

“Today,” continued the evangelist, “75 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water.  The flood raised the sea level three miles.  The present land surface is only about 65 million square miles.  When the ice-canopy will be restored to where it was, there will be ‘no more sea’ (Revelation 21:1).”

As Dr. Frank E. Stranges explained it, “The New Earth will have an area of three miles below the present sea level, and then that will give us 200 million square miles of dry land on the exterior, the outer portion of this planet Earth.  The canopy is going to be restored (Revelation 12:13).  Because of the dense canopy of water, a person will be able to look directly at the Sun.  The Bible tells us in Revelation 6:12-13 that, ‘The Moon will appear as blood and the stars of the heavens will cease to shine.  The very sky will roll up like a scroll.’  Isaiah 34 tells us, ‘The stars shall fade;’ and Revelation 6:14 reveals that, ‘The present heavens and Earth with the stars will depart as a scroll all rolled up together.’

Dr. Stranges also pointed out that the Apostle Peter said, “I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth;” and the Apostle John declared, “I see a New Earth.”  The evangelist also emphasized that in Ecclesiastes we read, “The Earth abides forever.”  Insofar as Dr. Stranges was concerned, “Christ is the LORD, and being all powerful, He created the world and the entire universe.  He laid the foundation of the Earth, not to ever be removed.  He covered the Earth with water as a garment.  And as we read in Psalms 104:5, ‘The water stood above the mountains.’

“Waterspouts are acting at the command of God.  He is going to command them to spring up from the ocean, rivers and streams to join together in the sky again, forming a curtain or canopy over the planet.  Read Psalms 42:7, which explain that, ‘The deep was called by the above and the ocean below, and the noise of thy waterspouts, all thy waves and billows are gone over me.’  And in Revelation 18:17, ‘For in just the time of one-hour, great riches shall come to naught.  Every shipmaster and every sailor (all companies), and as many as trade by sea, as many as stood afar off, cried unto the heavens when they saw the smoke and the fog, the steam and the vapor.  They cast dust on their heads and they wailed, for in one hour they were made desolate.’  In one-hour the waterspouts shall remove the oceans from their present place and restore the canopy to its former place.

“The Great Flood did not flow in the center of the Earth.  The waters were frozen as they fell.  The canopy, at that particular time, became cold, about 50 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.  The flood waters froze to a depth of three miles around the openings of the North and South Poles.  You will find that in Job 38:10, Proverbs 8:30 and Psalms 104:9.”

Dr. Stranges on the Polar Regions

Dr. Frank E. Stranges wanted to know, “How in this great, wide world can man tell us that there is a North and a South Pole if God, through Job, tells us that, ‘He stretched out the North over the empty place (Job 26:7)?’ that is, the Lord stretched out the shell of the Earth over the North.  According to the compass, charts and maps, the Admiral Byrd expedition kept traveling further than North, even more so than was indicated on the maps.”

Dr. Frank E. Stranges believed that the American Admiral Richard E. Byrd (1888-1957), as navigator, and Floyd Bennett, as pilot, actually flew over the opening of the Inner Earth at the North Pole during their United States Navy-sponsored exploration flight of 9 May 1926, and as recorded in Byrd’s diary.  Photo source: www.dailymotion.com.

Dr. Stranges, when commenting on the admiral’s expedition, noted that, “In reality, they traveled in and around the opening of the Inner Earth; and because of the force of gravity, they did not fall off.  There are seven secret cities located in the Inner Earth.

“Beginning at 70 to 75 degrees latitude, the Earth begins to curve in.  The many explorers have sailed straight north until they have gone around the 800-mile curve and not one of them knew that they were on the inside of the Earth, and one of these was Admiral Richard Byrd.   Except for a strong, dusty warm wind, it was mild and pleasant.  There were icebergs from the interior and floating past them.  After 82 degrees latitude is reached, why is the compass needle always agitated, restless and balky?  Around the snow are of the North and South Poles, much of the snow is red, green, pink and purple.  Why?  Could it be that pollen from the millions of acres of colored flowers has caused the snow to likewise be multicolored?  Bear in mind that when the visible kingdom of God is finally established on this Earth, all things will be brought to light.  This is all part of the Great Kingdom of God.”

More important than all this information about the Inner Earth, in Dr. Frank’s estimation, was whether or not you receive the Kingdom of God in your heart.  This is the first and foremost consideration.  Once you have done that, you will be able to see with spiritual eyes, actually viewing the physical Kingdom of God.  “Daniel 2:44 and Revelation 5:10 verify this statement,” exclaimed the evangelist.   

It was Dr. Frank E. Strangest fondest wish that the light of love of God would assist each and every one of us to come to the realization that now is the time to accept that kingdom and be prepared for the changes that are soon to take place on this planet.