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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part X


God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part X

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

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The evangelist Dr. Frank E. Stranges believed that the messages of the Venusians to the South African contactee Elizabeth Klarer were extremely important for all of the inhabitants of the Earth, at least insofar as he asserted from his pulpit that we of this planet have arrived at the point where we desperately need a higher vantage point in order to understand the full context of our own lives and the whole pageant of human history.  Perhaps, he mused, the Venusians were serving as God’s agents on our planet to provide us with this new perspective, for it seemed that very few were catching on to the signs of the end times popping up all around us.  And maybe the appearance of the flying saucers in our skies might serve to awaken the human race to the perils of rushing headlong into the nuclear arms race, and thus eventually bringing about the militarization of outer space.  With the threat of nuclear annihilation facing all in the midst of the Cold War then taking place between the United States and the Soviet Union in the waning years of the 1950s, it is easy to see why Dr. Stranges put so much stock in the words of warning issued by the Venusian to Elizabeth Klarer.

In her own words, Klarer informed Sievers, the South African reporter and ufologist, that, “The tall Venusian, who spoke perfect English, told me how for a limited period, he had lived and studied on Earth, traveling to various cities to see for himself how mankind lived and behaved. He was sad to see the mode of existence, precarious and always with the threat of war.  Aggressive dominating nations would continue to rise to power, nations that are still uncivilized.  The power of brute force still was rampant in the world.  That was the tragedy, he told me; therefore, how can the space people land amongst us?”

What to expect in the Latter Days:  Chinese military forces on parade in Bejing, China, in 2021. The Venusian foresaw nations rising out of barbarism and chaos to become new aggressive powers on the world stage, achieving parity with the United States and Russia, and perhaps surpassing the two super powers of the Cold War Era.

Onboard the Scout Ship

Of her visit aboard the scout ship, Elizabeth Klarer continued, “There was plenty of room to walk around in the cabin, but my whole attention was help by the personality of the spaceman.  We talked about music, real and beautiful music, not about the primitive noise of the beatniks that is so popular throughout the world.  The space people are highly sensitive to sounds.  Music is a realm in which they all excel.  Music is part of their life.  To most Earth people it is an education that takes many years to accomplish, if not a lifetime, and still many never understand music.

“I felt no movement in the craft at all, beyond the gentle humming.  I was told they used natural forces to propel the saucer.  How wonderful to harness these forces that the universe is made of.  That is why eventually man must have a complete understanding of nature and the universe.  Until he does, he is tied to limited mentality and capacities.

“The Venusian, who was sitting next to me as we conversed, said, ‘I must now return you to the hill where I found you.  Our time is up.  Also, David needs you.  He is ill.’  With sadness at leaving, mingled with anxiety to return to see my son, we descended to land with a gentle touchdown on the hill.
“Both spacemen were very kind, gentle and considerate.  The younger, shorter one had an olive skin; and the older, taller Venusian had a fair, golden-hued one.  The metal of the craft was smooth polished to touch, like a mirror.  The automatic door opened and the tall Venusian led me through.  Sadly, I waved goodbye, as I backed away from the craft and then stood to watch them take off.  Without a sound, she (the ship) rose slowly to hover for a moment.  The rays from the setting Sun were flashing in rainbow colors on her sides, then gathering speed glided away into the southern sky.”

Of course, Elizabeth Klarer hurried home to check on her son.  There she discovered that David was suffering from a severe sore throat, which she was able to attend to.  
Dr. Frank E. Stranges was struck by many of the similarities of Elizabeth Klarer’s account with those of the contactees he had spoken with in Southern California.  He could guess at the feelings which had accompanied the South African woman’s experiences, filling her heart for days and weeks thereafter, being so compelled to relay the important messages of the Venusians to the world at large.

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